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Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler S/S 2012

My favorite four looks from the collection.

Proenza Schouler’s most recent collection has carried on the tradition of the fashion house’s impeccable eye for prints, and tailoring. This eclectic collection combines motif’s from African, and Hawaiian culture. The colors ranged from neon royal blue, neon yellow, and neon orange, to muted yellow, blacks, browns, and greys.

My top 16 looks from the collection.
Given the high waisted silhouette throughout, this collection is able to be worn by shapely women, and runway models alike. Most of the pieces are cropped at the midriff, flattering almost every woman’s figure. This season, Proenza Schouler had a wide array of pieces in the collection: Beginning with high waisted A-line skirts paired with cropped shirts, which had sophisticated Hawaiian prints buttoned all the way up to the neck. Then came crocheted raffia dresses with full skirts, and cutaway bodices. Perhaps the most traditional part of the collection was the fitted forties-style dresses. There were also wrapped pencil skirts paired with bandeau sports bras, not my favorite look, but it could be fun with a white blazer on top for the right event. My favorite looks in the collection were the embroidered floral tops, paired with the brightly high waisted A-Line skirts with contoured paneling. Fabrics and knits for this collection included the crocheted raffia (mentioned above), the elbow length cloves were made of sheer leather eel skin (who doesn’t have leather eel skin now a days?), and finally techno neon gabardine. Most of the footwear consisted of flatform slingback sandals, or brogues. My favorite accessory in the collection was the highly curved peak framed sunglasses. This collection had a hodgepodge of themes, but I loved every single one. 
Tell me what you thought! Did Proenza hit the mark, or was the collection too confusing?


The Glitterati are Preparing

Fashion Week is on the horizon, and the nippy air was just right today to help me get in the mood. Prepare yourselves for a flurry of runway pictures as soon as I can get my little hands on them.

Also, there are only three days left until Cincinnati’s FNO! Make sure you RSVP here!

I’ll leave you with two of my very favorite collections for F/W 2011


Proenza Schouler

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