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S/S 2011

It’s HOT. What should the boys wear??

Images via The Sartorialist and StreetFSN

The past month has been no joke in regards to the weather. The sun is out with a vengeance topping the heat index in Cincinnati, and NYC with numbers like 115 degrees. Ladies can slip on a cute sundress, or a printed maxi dress and still look chic for any outside event, but the gents who gravitate towards ties and jackets may run into some trouble.

What’s my secret? It’s all in the fabric boys!

This cotton jacket from Thom Browne is a perfect example. (We’ve gone back to print mixing again, I can’t resist!) If you’re wearing a jacket in the summer, your only option is cotton. It breathes, and moves with your body.

Don’t be afraid to pair your jackets with shorts either. Five years ago you may have looked like a four year old going to Easter Vigil, but now its a perfectly acceptable way to dress down a look. If you do it right, and pair the jacket with a pair of fresh chino shorts, an oxford (I’d recommend a club collar), and a bow tie you’ll stun your dinner party looking like you just got off a plane from the Hamptons. 

Chambray is your best friend. The past few seasons have been inundated with chambray in women’s and men’s wear collections. Throwing on a colored chambray button down with a pair of shorts instantly makes you look stylish in any every day situation, and it is a light fabric, perfect for the sweltering heat. So load up. 

Thom Browne has come through for us once again gentleman, with his line of linen shorts. Linen is the lightest, and most comfortable fabric you’ve never tried on. Oh yeah, its supremely en vogue for menswear right now.

For lounging around with friends, or running errands I would invest in a unique collection of graphic tees. The weirder the better. They are a conversation piece, and let everyone know you care about how you look even though you’re just hanging out.

I hope this helps gents! Try not to melt, we’re almost to September!



S/S Styleboard

I thought I would share with you all something I do at the beginning of each season for a bit of Style Inspiration.

Usually, I don’t place my own logo smack in the middle of the board, but hey it’s all about brand management right?
I have a very classic style with a certain “look-at-me” flare, I think it is showcased in this collage.

Designers in the collage include: Prada S/S 2012, Louis Vuitton S/S 2012, Stubbs and Wootton, Persol, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Burberry Prorsom.

Can you spy the Prada Men’s Espadrilles? The first reader to comment wins a pair!

Just kidding, you don’t. I can’t even afford that shit for myself.

But you should still comment anyways.


It’s Spring, here’s your common sense.

If you’re not wearing these things, I don’t know what to say.
Except, why?

Ralph Lauren S/S 2011
Yee haw.

DVF S/S 2011
Why yes, I would like some tea after we have sex.

Alice + Olivia S/S 2011
I’m over the top? you’re not enough.
(I had to say something bitchy, A+O models always look repulsed.)

Do you feel smarter now?
I’m a literary genius, and a stylish one at that. Where are ya boys?
I’m single.