Fabulosity, with an edge.

Street Style

Hit me in the face with fashion.

My favorite part about fashion isn’t monitoring trends from season to season, or trying to emulate a designer’s look through a more attainable budget. (Even though I do both all the time.)

The best part of fashion is when I’m walking down the street and I see someone wearing something utterly ridiculous, and werking it.

When you’re debating whether or not the outfit you have on is too much, and say fuck it, you’re en vogue.

via streetfsn

Sillybanz for adults:

Just do it, not as in Nike. But because you don’t give a shit.



Shoe Lust.

I have been feeling the need to go shopping all day long, and these shoes have put me over the edge.
I scribbled on my favs.
All images via Streetfsn

He’s wearing suede pants. With fabulous boots. Civil Union Marry me?

They’re dating. For sure. They’ve both got fabulous shoes. 
They could have fabulous shoe gaybies!

I’m a sucker for a vintage moment. I wonder if he’s a musician. 
He belongs in Maroon 5.

The argyle socks make it.

Another musician. But he belongs in Neon Trees.

I’m Obsessed with Hats Today.

So I found my favorite looks featuring hats. 
Ya see? I’m committed to pleasing you, readers.
She’s a mysterious private eye. On the case to find the best men.
 Finding a fashionable fella is no easy feat.
Well, at least one who doesn’t love Mariah Carey. If you know what I’m sayin.

This is another instance where I would demand that this print mixing princess take my hand in best-friendship. Then I’d steal her blue bag when she was making us hot tea in her mod apartment.

What a cool chick. She knows it too, and ain’t got time for you.

This outfit is SO Chanel. How can you not love it? 
Her face totally says;
“Get off me, bro.”

Look at this Bashful Belinda! Don’t be shy! Werque.

Show stopping, by way of hat.

This is a Kate-Hudson-Fashion-Hippie moment. The sun even decided to help with the shot.
That beauty mark on her lip is perfectly placed. Real or fake?
The Boy’s Turn:
Dude could seriously be Jack Nicholson’s brother.
I love this whole outfit. But those Person sunnies go PERFECTLY with the fedora.

Doesn’t he just make you feel happy? 
Relax you pervs.
He has the nicest face I have ever seen. Its a nice change from the smolder.

The fedora is fairly nondescript, but that Hermes scarf cannot go unnoticed.