Fabulosity, with an edge.

Styled by Zach

Plethora of Prints

Studded leopard-print Christian Louboutin sneakers.

There are a special two trends I’m crazy about this fall: Plaid, and leopard print everything. And the fact that I’m allowed to mix the two! Hehehe, over the top you say? Nay. Just wait to see what I’ve styled today!

Should I do a Dr. Suess themed post? I can rhyme all day.

I’m a pro at layering because its a huge part of my own style, it just so happens that layering looks good on every body type. For example, if you’re not so proud of your legs, you could pair a full length maxi-dress with a fitted peplum blazer to accentuate your gorgeous little midriff. Toss on a scarf, and a hat and you’re set for winter. I didn’t style anything like that for you today though, sorry. There is a scarf, a hat and a peplum leather jacket. So never mind that, they are kind of similar.

This look is good for your everyday life jaunting around the city. You could style it the way Net-a-Porter did, and switch the boots for some black patent leather pumps, the paneled leather jacket for a black blazer, and you’re ready for the boardroom. If you’re feeling crazy you could leave the leopard print scarf on!
Okay, I’m going to go find more ferocious looks in the S/S 2012 shows. Toodles!



Epitome of Fall

Fashion trends come and go, but unless you can incorporate your own style they don’t matter. 

This look is a combination of my personal preferences when it comes to women’s wear and the trends for F/W 2011. If I was going to the tents for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this is what I would have my plus one wear. 
Even though I’m not at the tents at MBFW, you could still wear this stuff to go out with me. Just sayin’.

Football Season: What to wear

Football season is here, and no matter how much we try and deny it, we’ll have to break down and go to one of the games, or at least a viewing party.

But never fear, your favorite gay has constructed the perfect outfit with which you can show your lack of team spirit! Just because you have to wear a jersey to one of the games, or some kind of team memorabilia, doesn’t give you the excuse the schlep something on the rest of your body. Fashion doesn’t look kindly on those who schlep.
There are two reasons to go to a football game: 1) You spent too much money last month, and promised your man you’d suffer through a football game with him to make up for it. 2) You don’t have a man, and you need to find one before the holiday parties roll through. This outfit is fitting for both. You’ll look hot, stay warm, and show team spirit. Ready?
Why the hell do I always ask if you’re ready before showing you something?
Don’t think I forgot about a bag to go with the outfit, darlings. You’ll need something large enough to fit a copy of Us Weekly, and Vogue because by the second quarter you’ll be ready to go get drunk. 
This second outfit is geared towards an evening out with a group of friends to watch the game. This situation is ideal, because the venue can be anywhere from casual to semi-formal (door #2 is the way to go, this allows you to flex your sartorial muscles) and there is no need to adorn yourself with horrid team color-schemes. Insert fashionable but evil victory guffaw here.
No need for anything huge in the bag department, you shouldn’t need anything but make-up for touch ups, your Blackberry, some form of money, and your ID. 
Alexander Wang Adriel ostrich effect leather clutch.

If by some cruel stroke of fate, you don’t get your way and end up going to some dive filled with drunk people in sweatshirts and mom jeans, I suggest this: Wear a predominantly black outfit with a touch of attitude. If nothing else, fashion is perfect for making a statement. For this scenario don’t bring a bag, it could get stolen.
If you have an event coming up and you don’t know what you should wear, e-mail me! I’m sure I’ve got some ideas in this head of mine. 
Until next time!

Clothing for thought.

Today, I wore a trench. Not just any trench, my navy blue waist length trench that has been begging to be let out of the closet since I bought it in May.

My point being, I was ready for this sudden dip in temperature because I am a compulsive shopper bought something in the off season. That’s really just the most wonderful thing, because chances are no one else will have it, (it is the off season after all) and it probably was on sale. My trench was, 70% OFF. This is no jest my friends.

Were you ready when your sundress and Cardigan weren’t enough this morning? To prepare you, I’ll suggest snagging some outfits similar to these to withstand your chilly morning commute.

 Isabel Marant July embellished cotton jacket + Tibi Silk-chiffon and thick weave dress + Miu Miu Bow-side wool-felt pumps.

While you walk to work you’ll definitely turn heads with that statement jacket, and when you’re ready to enter the boardroom, you’ve got a perfectly appropriate dress. But fear not, people will still be transfixed by your shoes.

For a more casual setting..

Balmain Wool-felt double-breasted military blazer + Simeon Farrar for Japan’s Kate Mouse T-Shirt
+ J Brand Bianca high-rise flared jean + Charlotte Olympia Martha In Stripes suede and leather wedges.

This outfit is perfect for going to grab drinks with a friend at a hole-in-the-wall bar, or going to a concert. Anything really, so long as the atmosphere is light, and the dress-code isn’t anywhere near formal. The jacket and jeans are definitely a classic vintage look, but by adding that graphic t-shirt (which also raises money for a great cause) you bring it up to this century and show your spunky side. The heels are pretty intense, but there is no occasion where Charlotte Olympia isn’t appropriate. And since when is it a bad thing to look better than everyone else in the room?

Well, I have to go shop some more prepare myself for FNO on Thursday!