Fabulosity, with an edge.


A Quick Update

Things have been a little slow here at The Fagazine since Zach’s departure for North Carolina, and I’m sure you all miss him (and his wit) dearly. Dont miss him too much though, he’s probably relaxing on the warm beach with his feet up and a margarita in his hand. If you want, you can still keep up with Zach by following him on Twitter, which he’s still updating, and quite frequently at that. Like yesterday, when he tweeted a pic his brand new tattoo:

He got inked at a shop in North Carolina. It means “equality” in French.
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ta ta for now,

Tomorrow it begins. Today is for Mama.

Tomorrow is the kick-off for Cincinnati Fashion Week, so Ryan and I will be there to cover every second.

For you.

Because we love you.

You know who else I love?

My Mama!

Happy Mother’s Day from Me and (my little younger brother) Quinn!
Thanks for giving birth to something as fabulous as me. 


You’re curious. Admit it.

I look ridiculous.

‘Like’ me on the book containing faces if you want some context.


Facebook me, baby.

That’s right. I’m now on Facebook. 
I already tweet so much, my bird preens his fast flapping feathers daily.
So I figured Mark Zuckerburg would want a piece of this sweet ass.

Auto Draft




I’m leavin on a Jet Plane and I’m never coming back.


Okay, well that isn’t true. But my URL is moving.

The Fagazine, is now The Fashion Bomb.


I will still be writing about the exact same glitter filled topics as I do here.

So please children, clicky clicky the link above and meet me over there.

Also, follow me at my NEW twitter handle @DaFashionBomb

New Name, Same Glitter.

Hello all. 

Hopefully you’re reading this inaugural post already knowing who I am and what I write about. 
But if you don’t, I can provide just the link to help you out.
My first blog, is called The Fagazine. I have nurtured it since it’s beginning but I feel that I have outgrown it’s name sake. The Fagazine, is a bold statement and an attention grabber. But I think that if I am going to expand the blog and take it places where I think it needs to go, I’ll have to grab attention without offending people.
That’s where the Fashion Bomb comes in. 
I’ll be posting the same glamorous pictures paired with my snarky attitude that filled the pages of The Fagazine. 
Feeling nostalgic?
Go back and check it out. It isn’t going anywhere. The new stuff will just be here. 
Welcome to The Fashion Bomb!

This is Me.

Oh hey, this is me. Zach

This is me again!

This is my alter ego, Pharique.

Ninety percent of the time, when a camera is pointed at me, I become possessed.

Who would you rather be friends with?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Manolo Monday?

No one is wearing Manolo Blahnik’s in this post. But I love alliteration and I forgot to do Fabulosity Friday. There’s the result.


I love Burberry Prorsom, and Nicky is prettier than Paris.
But this jacket looked WAY better on Emma Watson.


I absolutely LOVE Whitney Port. (But not her Zeno Hotspot endorsement.)
She is the prettiest starlet ever churned out by MTV.


Zoey Saldana’s Brian Atwood Fiona Python Pumps are heaven.


Wash your fucking hair Blake Lively. I don’t know how much you pay to look like you rolled out of bed and showed up on the red carpet, but I CAN NOT take it anymore.


Kim Kardashian leaving the restaurant Il Sole after dinner with friends. She is wearing a pair of her ever present Louboutins.


Victoria Beckham looking perfect, as always, at London’s Heathrow Airport.
She’s wearing a Marc Jacobs Cutaway Leather Jacket, Christian Louboutin Daffodil 160 Pumps, and a FIERCE Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Crocodile bag. Talk about product placement..


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,