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Gleek of the Week.

I’m not talking about the fans of Glee, I’m talking about the cast members!

A reader who shall remain nameless, (@ryan_mcgoron) suggested that I give a short bio of a different cast member every week. Ya dig?

This years Gleek of the Week is…..

Drum roll please….






Its Dianna Agron!
Ay Kay Ay Quinn Fabray.


Everyone knows that Quinn is plotting her way back to the top on Glee, but what is Dianna doing off the set?


She has had small roles in several movies, like Burlesque. And she just had a starring role in the movie “I Am Number Four.”

She dated her co-star Alex Pettyfer, and they moved in together.

Then they broke up because according to the unreliable People Magazine, he is a jealous psycho.

Dianna has an upcoming horror movie called “The Hunters” that will be released in November of this year.


You should also check out Dianna’s Tumblr, Fell Down the Rabbit Hole.

Then, follow her on Twitter.


Now don’t you feel like you know her better?

You shouldn’t. Cause that would be weird. You’ve probably never met the girl.


But it was fun anyways right?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,





Bourne to be hot.

The next installment of the Bourne Franchise The Bourne Legacy, has begun casting, and the short list for the hero of the movie has been released.

The director said the Hero won’t be Jason Bourne, it will be a completely different character with a different story. So Matt Damon won’t be involved at all.

Here are the hunkalicious actors in the running:

Kellan Lutz: He is gorgeous, but as proven by The Twilight Saga his acting chops would leave us wanting more.

Jake Gyllenhaal: YES.

Tobey Maguire: NO.

Taylor Kitsch: Who? But he’s hot. Oh he was on Friday Night Lights, explains why I don’t know who he is.

Garrett Hedlund: I haven’t seen him in anything I didn’t like. Tron, and Country Strong were both good roles for him.

Other actors rumored to be in the running are Alex Pettyfer, Josh Hartnett and Michael Fassbender.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Alex Pettyfer’s week.

Well, it’s a good thing “I Am Number Four” star Alex Pettyfer is hot. ‘Cause his week isn’t going well.

First he broke up with Glee Star Dianna Agron. As a result tabloids are making rumors up attacking both sides saying both were extremely jealous and needy. I supposed that comes with the territory.


This however, does not.


Last night, Alex was extremely late for the premier of his new movie with Vanessa Hudgens (ew) called “Beastly.” He was late because he had a fire at the house where he and Agron were living together. (Agron moved out after the break up and checked into a hotel.)

Well, things can only go uphill from here!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


I’m in Agron-ny!

Agron-ny is a sickness caused from being in gay love with Dianna Agron. Hard.

She KNOWS how to dress, and if she keeps dressing the way she has so far this year, she’ll be a strong contender for Fagazine’s Fabulebrity of the Yurr.

Here are some pictures of her at the I Am Number Four premier.

The dress is Vivienne Westwood. I love the wrapping effect and the draping. LOVE. Her hair is perfect for the dress too! Bra-VO.

She is so young, but her look is so Old Hollywood.


Photo Cred: The Vogue Diaries

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,