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Grammys: The Best and Worst

If you don’t read already, start reading ProjectRungay, because none of these pics would be possible without the hilarious writers of that blog @tomandlorenzo!

Let’s just get the cutie pie factor out of the way. Darren Criss and Matthew Morrison. #love


Snooki in Jersey Shore Couture. So adorable!


A very pregnant Selma Blair in Lanvin. This is how pregnancy is done.


Nicki Minaj in Givenchy head to toe. #flinstones #LEAPORDPRINT
I love it.


Margaret Cho looking beautiful in John Renaud.


Kelly O looking phenomenal in Tadashi Shoji, and Alexander McQueen pumps. That color looks great on her.


Jennifer Hudson in Versace. DAYUM!


Florence (sans Machine) in Givenchy S/S 2011. Swans that don’t make me nauseous on a dress!


Pregnant Jewel looks like a Classy Caroline.


Heidi Klum has redeemed herself since the Globes, in Julien MacDonald.
Those shoes are bangin, and those boobs are saggin.


Selena Gomez looking beyond in J. Mendel.
She is my second best dressed for the Grammys.

Bring ya BarfBag:

Jenna Ushkowitz. I don’t care who the designer is, and I don’t wish to drag their name through the mud. Avert your eyes.


Leah Michele, uh, where’s your mariachi band?
Go back to Glee. Bitch.


Hayley Williams of Paramore. What the HELL.
How could Jeremy Scott design a GoGo Dress for the Grammys..


Natasha Bedingfield. Cut it out. Seriously cut that dress up.


Best Dressed at the Grammy Awards 2011

Kim Kardashian is a vision in gold sparkle. The epitome of bronze goddess.
Gown: Kaufman Franco
Jewels: Lorraine Schwartz

Just in case you can’t see it, LOOK at this Lorraine Schwartz Snake Bracelet!

That was fun. Huh?

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



SAG Awards 2011

This year was full of bold colors, whites, hot pinks, and oranges. Fortunately I didn’t pick any of those to show you tonight. Here are the looks that stood out to me this year, followed by my best and worst for the ceremony.

Dianna Agron in Vintage Chanel. My second best dressed. She def set the bar high.


Kyra Sedgwick in Vintage Thierry Mugler. Safe, but classy.


This curvacious bombshell is what a woman should look like. Kimberly Kardashian in Marquesa. (Khloe calls her Kimberly, so can I right?)


Jayma Mays in Jenny Packham. That color is gorge with her complexion.


The flawless Amber P. Riley in Anne Barge. The dress works wonders for her figure, but bb, don’t wear your hair down with an embellishment like that on your shoulder!


Wuh Wuh Worst Dressed:

Winona Ryder in Alberta Ferretti. I mean really, what is there to say? She looks like the wife of Charles Manson.


Bell of the Best Dressed Ball:

Could you DIE? Oh My GAWD. Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen. This dress is so flaw-LESS! Its so edgy and elegant at the same time. I don’t even care that the print on the skirt looks a little vagina-y!

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The (Most Annoying) People (in America) Chose.

Last Night were The People’s Choice Awards.

I for one, would like to know who these “people” are.

Because every award announced is litchrally more blasphemous than the one before. Blasphemy in this sense doesn’t refer to the big J, its just refers to the gods of Hollywood.

With the exception of Katy Perry’s. I lurve her.

BUT I was annoyed with the choices for Best Movie Actor, Johnny Depp. He won for “The Tourist,” and “Alice in Wonderland.” I would just like to point out that they are the same role he always plays. With one variation. In Alice, he looked like a cracked out tranny geisha.

Also, I didn’t like that Zac Efron won for Favorite Movie Star Under 25. He isn’t an actor, first of all, so it is appropriate that it wasn’t “actor under 25.” He recites lines and takes off his shirt. Not great…

Did anyone see his acceptance speech? Exactly how much weed did he smoke before arriving at the ceremony? Don’t try to get deep and philisophical at the fucking PCA’s you moron. Teenage girl’s sweating vaginas don’t care about that shit. Plus, your new haircut makes you look like a convict. Get it together.

Finally I was annoyed that my deepest, darkest pleasure won for Favorite Drama Movie. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. (Congratulashayla TayTay!) What about movies like True Grit, or The King’s Speech?! Colin Firth was inspirational.

The final coverage I will provide on this event, is my pick for the most glamorous celeb(s) of the evening.

Here they are!


How gorgeous do these sisters look?! But specifically Jessica Rabbit– I mean Khloe!!! That red hair is so phenomenal on her (as is that ferocious Alexander McQueen gown)! She looks less Kardashian-Esque, but SO old Hollywood. I hope this is a permanent fixture on her head!

In conclusion, people are annoying.

And, when is Selena Gomez going to stop wearing half gowns and dressing like a seven year old?

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,