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CelebrityBowl XLV

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Celebs have descended on Texas for tomorrow’s big game.

Ashley Greene better watch her man Joe Jonas because Hayden Panettiere  is all over him.

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1) Miles Austin doesn’t seem to be missing Kim Kardashian too much..

2) Adam Levine, if you’re more tan than The Situation, stop.

3) I didn’t know Aubrey O’Day was still real. #DanityKaneForever

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Tiger Tails, and Drag.

After yesterdays post being slightly more serious, I thought I’d go back to some Hollywood gossip that I KNOW you all have been freaking out about. Don’t worry, gurl. I got you covered.

First of all, since I know how pertinent this is to ALL of our lives I knew I had to post something on the matter. I also know that Fagazine readers are avid golf fans. So you’re all well aware of what’s been happening with Tiger “hood” Woods and his beautiful wife Elin. Reading about the parade of whores that have come forward about fucking this Blasian feels like a chapter out of Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life except less tasteful, not funny, and annoying as fuck. Why are stories of this so called “sports legend” leaking onto MY channels like E! and Bravo?! I understand that it was exciting when the news first broke, but really?! If I cared about this I would turn on ESPN, or get on their website. But since I DON’T I’m going to stick with E! and Perez Hilton. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am continuing this trend of El Tigre permeating throughout the gay entertainment wire. Well, today I got a notification on my Blackberry from Enews telling me that the Tiger/Elin divorce was finalized today, and no stipulations were released. Really?! If you don’t have any details about the kids or money why do I care at all?! Cause I’m sure as fuck not concerned with how horrible his golf game has been. The only enjoyable part of the segment aired on todays Enews was the dramatic piano track from the background. Flawless.

Hollywoods sexiest new couple is DEFINITELY Joe Jonas, and Twilight’s Ashley Greene. Imagine how hot those babies would be! Singing Cullens? Yes please! Throw away that promise ring Joe because we approve! The two were spotted PDA-ing in the “Woods of Holly” this weekend and heated up the hollywood couples name game. But I couldn’t think of any innuendo’s from this sexy duo. Joshley Greenas? No? Its not so easy people. You try! Let me know what you come up with.

Sean Penn in Drag?! Gasp! But it is true! And no, his role in Milk didn’t alter him forever, like it did us. But it is for a new movie of his called This Must Be The Place!! Werk it Shauna!! Despite the funny coverage I’m providing on the film right now, it actually looks pretty heavy. Penn plays an old rock star who is hunting the man who killed his father in Nazi Concentration Camps. Woah there lady, you might wanna put on some flats.

Finally, Award Show season is swiftly approaching, and I am going to test my critical eye for fashion by tweeting realtime during the coverage of the various Red Carpets. Then I will have a post dedicated to the best and worst of each show. Sound like a plan? I’m ready.

Also, today I had the privilege of seeing footage of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. If you watch the show, it is going to be everything we expected and MORE. Not only do they physically go after each other, but Andy Cohen gets his ass beat!!! Yea, I’m serious.

So buckle up.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

PS: This picture is for inspiration. New Drag Race contestant?