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JBiebs does it all.

Justin Bieber has hit every single aspect of the entertainment industry thus far, and he is extending the reach of his pubescent empire to the big screen.

You may be saying, “But wait Zach, didn’t he already have a documentary on the big screen?”

Yes you idiots, I know he did. Pedophile’s Dream “Never Say Never 3D” was a big hit. But this time around, he won’t be playing himself. So it’s a real big screen picture, not a straight to DVD wannabe.

He’s rumored to be joining in Ashton Kutcher’s new movie “What Would Kenny Do” where Kutcher plays a man who visits his teenage self (played by the Biebs) via Hologram to give him advice.


"Oh SHIT, is that what I'm gonna look like when my balls drop?!"



Meh, sounds like a typical Ashton movie. With a dash of Zac Efron in Seventeen Again. Maybe I spoke to soon about it not being a “straight to DVD wannabe…”

None the less, it will be a blockbuster. Everything Justin Bieber touches turns to gold.


Sao Paulo Fashion Week. What?

Wait, Sao Paulo Fashion week is a thing?

This is one way to get your city’s Fashion Week on the proverbial map real damn quick.

Celebrity pull.

Super Models Alessandra Ambrosia and Giselle Bundchen and SuperCelebrities Paris Hilton, and Ashton Kutcher hit the catwalk in Brazil.

It was a good move too, cause I along with the rest of the blogosphere are talking about it. Christina Aguilera was also down in Sao Paulo recently promoting her new Jerseytastic clothing line for a major Brazilian clothing store.


Her legs make me cry.


Its amazing how I can tell that her runway walk is awkward through a still photograph.


I’m fairly confident she could kick my ass, just by looking at me like that.


Oh my god. I’m sweating.
Ashton should return to his modeling roots more often.


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CelebrityBowl XLV

Images from “Getty Images”

Celebs have descended on Texas for tomorrow’s big game.

Ashley Greene better watch her man Joe Jonas because Hayden Panettiere  is all over him.

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1) Miles Austin doesn’t seem to be missing Kim Kardashian too much..

2) Adam Levine, if you’re more tan than The Situation, stop.

3) I didn’t know Aubrey O’Day was still real. #DanityKaneForever

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