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More Grammy Fashion.

Even if Rihanna was the “only girl in the world,” no one would have liked what she was wearing last night.

Unless you’re straight. And a male. But then you don’t matter.

Whoops. Vagina.
Gaultier made a mistake designing this. Hideous.

From not enough fabric, to TOO much.

Why are designers so obsessed with bed bugs this season?!
This is RiRi in Dior Couture, and it looks like they were inspired by the bedbugs in their studio.

In a nice change of pace, Naya Rivera looked stunning.

Usually I don’t like when dressed puff out around the waste, but I dig this dress. It looks beautiful on her skin.


Ricky Martin, oof.

Ricky Martin came out of the closet with a vengeance.
Really? Silver pants?
Did he arrive on a rainbow colored unicorn?


Amber P. Riley. More power to you girl!

I love seeing plus sized divas taking fashion risks!
This is fabulous.


Dianna Agron.

This literally makes me so sad. The most boring look of the night for sure.
This will teach me to never talk about Fabulebrity of the Yurr again..


Christina Aguilera, pre- stage wipe out.

Why is she still obsessed with cheap extensions?
I don’t hate this dress though, it really slims her Snooki bod down.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,







Sao Paulo Fashion Week. What?

Wait, Sao Paulo Fashion week is a thing?

This is one way to get your city’s Fashion Week on the proverbial map real damn quick.

Celebrity pull.

Super Models Alessandra Ambrosia and Giselle Bundchen and SuperCelebrities Paris Hilton, and Ashton Kutcher hit the catwalk in Brazil.

It was a good move too, cause I along with the rest of the blogosphere are talking about it. Christina Aguilera was also down in Sao Paulo recently promoting her new Jerseytastic clothing line for a major Brazilian clothing store.


Her legs make me cry.


Its amazing how I can tell that her runway walk is awkward through a still photograph.


I’m fairly confident she could kick my ass, just by looking at me like that.


Oh my god. I’m sweating.
Ashton should return to his modeling roots more often.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Wait, that happened?

Christina Aguilera just majorly effed up the National Anthem.

In case you missed it:


This is worse than the first time I saw RuPaul not in drag, or when I found out Santa was a poser.

Christina destroyed her voice?

AND she has the cheapest extensions I have ever seen in my life. Gross.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,