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Didya? Wouldya?

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I do [[kind of]] have a life outside of Celebrities and Fashion…


But just because you don’t see your daily dose of homosexual here, doesn’t mean you can’t get it!

If you head over to Through My Blackberry you will be sure to find a heaping helping of homo.

You can see pictures of Me, the grandest gay in Cincinnati making faces in mirrors. Sometimes the faces are explained, most times not.

You get to see my coworkers, and myself (not) working.
You can’t buy culinary prowess such as this. They fashioned the food into a SMILEY.

And you get to see pictures my friends in California send me from The Castro in SanFran. Relax. Its a cookie. Wow guys, don’t be such prudes…


I know some of you already have. But wouldya? Didya follow me on Tumblr yet? Its fun I SWEAR.

What’s better than laughing at some one else’s topsy turvey life?

Nothing, that’s what.


So follow me.




Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



(You guys aren’t really bitches, that was to be punchy..)


I want SUMMER.

I was having heavy summer cravings all day today. So how do I resolve these issues? I blog about the summer past.


Starting things off right, classy. Ya know?

There, that’s better. This was taken at one of Heidi and I’s favorite restaurants in Cincinnati, Melt.

Impromptu photo shoot in my back yard. Cincinnati, what else do we do with our time?

The same impromptu photo shoot, but the tables have turned. Heidi is as good in front of the camera as she is behind it.

That sounds a little dirty doesn’t it?

One thing I will miss about suburbia, driving around with music blaring with a photographer riding shotgun.

This photo, and the rest are from a trip to Chicago I took for a week with my best Gay/Gal pals Stephen/Heidi.
I thought this pic was a pretty grandiose transition.

This was a pretty sweet backdrop right? It was so fucking hot that day though..

Stephen and I strolling down the street. Those pesky paparazzi didn’t even phase us.

Didya ever see any two people so happy on a subway train that didn’t just have sex?

To round this off, a picture to make your heart BURST from cuteness. We were walking past the pound and a lady was taking kittens in!

As always, these pics were all taken by Heidi Palmer, or at least with her camera.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


A project.

I decided I wanted to do something more than just attend the Gay Pride Parade this year in Cincinnati. I want to do something to make more of a difference.

It’s no secret that besides San Diego, Cincinnati is the highest donating city to the GOP and is notoriously conservative. Judging by this reputation you would think living in Cincinnati as a gay man would be hell on earth. With the help of Heidi Palmer, I am going to make a Documentary (kind of) showing you that it isn’t all that bad. Normal people believe in equality, and they have a voice.

For updates on this project as they happen, follow me on twitter. Then tumbl with my tumblr, Through My Blackbery.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Hellurr there!

Even though today Cincinnati was THE most gloomy city in the entire world, I am feeling upbeat! Whether or not this post will have too many exclamation points remains to be seen.

Here is the list of new Oscar Nominations in each category for this year:

“James Franco Is Pleased”
(Even though “The Kings Speech” is in the lead.)

I really hope Geoffrey Rush wins Best Supporting Actor for “The Kings Speech” because he was fantastic.

 I am not commenting on last night’s Gossip Girl, because I am growing tired of their extremely repetitive plot. That is all. Its time for them to expand the cast.

There has been a new development in the lives of the cast members on Jersey Shore. For the fourth installment of the guiltiest pleasure on TV they will all be turning into Jerry Jetsetters and taking a trip to ITALY. I would like to know who the hell thought this shit up, because American-Italians can’t stand those people, what’s gonna happen with the real deal?! If anything happens to Snooki, I’ll wear black for two years. But I’ve gotta give it up for these wannabe A-Listers because they’re riding this thing all the way to the bank. (Seriously though, they need to cool it with the book “writing.” Snooks, and The Situation already have published “books” and now Jwoww is “writing” one of her own! We know you’re not exactly intellectual, and we’ve accepted it. You should too.) 

Speaking of wannabe (g)A(y)-Listers:

I got a new hair cut. Dig it? Dig it.

The flawless fotograph shown above is courtesy of my biffie Heidi Palmer.

Check out more sensational shizz on her FLICKR.  


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,