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S/S 2011 Men’s Obsessions

There are three designers I am hooked on for this season.

Here they be:

Hugo Boss:

I love this whole look, but that red trench especially. It is such an attention getter. And everyone knows I can’t get enough of THAT.


Viktor & Rolf:

I NEED these shoes. And there is a little hinty hint of another one of the lewks that are going to be major this summa.

I also am falling hard for those grey oxfords in the left. (I already have a pair from 1907 that are almost identical.) And of course, the chino’s in the middle. They’re one of my favorite Spring/Summer pieces to have because they’re NEVER out of style.

I lurve everything about this look. Everything. But I couldn’t pull off the shorts. I’d rock the shit out of the rest though. *Get in my closet*

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m really into structure this season, this is a nice medium between that and relaxed.

(There are those fabulous shoes again!) The last thing I’m inFASHuated with (get it? not infatuated but infashuated, lol) from V&R is this leather jacket. So ferocious. Me thinks I will do a parallel universe post next week with affordable items just like the ones shown in all these pics!

I’ve saved the best for last:

Ermenegildo Zegna

Look at the stitching on that suit. It looks so light and comfy you could sleep in it, but that would never happen. Unless you passed out drunk at some formal event. In which case, you’re a cast member of Jersey Shore, so consider yourself formally banned from wearing E. Zegna.

Another cozy looking suit! But you sir, had me at ascot.
I think I’m in love.

I’ve obviously fixated on outlandishly colored trench’s. I’m also in toterly in love with this.

A white fedora, plaid jacket, and orange ascot?! Mr. Zegna, be mine.
Is it too late to mail one of those candy valentine hearts?

I love the deep cuffs on those pants, and the shoes. The model reminds me of an antelope.

Deep cuffs , lurve, same shoes, lurve, crazy printed shirt peeking out from under that flawlessly tailored jacket? You’re talking dirty to me Ermenegildo, stop it.



This post has clearly reached its climax.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Nicholas K F/W 2011

One of my favorite designers is Nicholas K, and their designs never fail to disappoint me. Seriously, never.


There’s something about the punky feel, muted colors, and copious amounts of fabrics that really get me going.
Will someone please buy me the shrug shown in the middle column worn by the male AND female models?! I’ve got a thing for androgynous clothing.


I’m dying for the jackets in the top row, and the skirt in the bottom row.
Weather forcast for this collection: Bad ass with a chance of nipple.


Alert, Alert: I NEED the pants shown in the top middle shot, AND the jacket.
And every look in the second row. ESPECIALLY the quarter zip hooded coat.


Any woman brave enough to wear fur, platform military boots, and a fur shroud is welcome to be my Non-Romantic Life Partner.


I am having a aesthetic attack over that leather jacket.
An Aesthetic Attack is similar to an Asthma Attack.
Except induced by fabulosity.


Most fashionable dog  ever.
I love how this duo showcases so many of their pieces on male, and female models.



Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


C. (for CARPET GIRL) Siriano

You’ll see, the title def makes sense.

There was a funeral procession at Lincoln Center last night. Not, it was actually Christian Siriano’s show. there was just NO color in Siriano’s new line for Fall/Winter 2011. But good things come to those who wait, 24 looks in, he had the most gorgeous, rich green and rose in his clothes.

Christian opened his show with an all black look, shirt under jacket. Not too exciting up north, but take a gander downstairs and you’ll notice that the shoes are flawless. It’s not surprising that the footwear in his collections are neat because after all, the shoe collection/ collaboration with Payless is a HUGE moneymaker for Christian and he’s fairly good at it. And although one model fell and another almost ate it twice, the shoes still rock. It’s the price you pay for fashion.

She fell on purpose, just trying to show off the shoes.


As the looks come down the runway, we see more leather and more S&M boots.

It seems that the focus of this collection is really texture. The most prominent is the carpet texture, which he presented in a few looks on the sleeves and in the finale dress. Not a fan of the texture on the dress (see below), but the thick of the sleeves and the thin of the shirt make for a really interesting contrast. Additionally, a cool new texture: matte black scallops with shiny black leather. Shown on a skirt and a few dresses.

New texture, but still very him.

About halfway through the show, Christian introduced a new silhouette where the skirt ballooned away from the body, almost like it is repelling off of her. Its different, hopefully it’ll catch on.


One last thing:  Someone should really inform Siriano that if he wants to share some Post-Show champagne with his models who have been starving themselves for a month, he should wait until AFTER the show. Then they wouldn’t have so much trouble making it down the damn runway.

Lets be real, what was he thinking showing his bathroom rug at New York Fashion week? Poor Carpet Girl ended up having to carry the dress. Otherwise, I liked the collection. Very grown up, but still very Christian Siriano.

Technical Director, and Fashion Correspondent for Fagazine,


Come to Church.

I’m don’t consider myself a very religious person, I am a spiritual person.

I am however, asking you to come to the church of Christianity.

By way of Christian Louboutin that is.

These are my favorite shoes from the Fall/Winter 2010 season, and a couple from the Spring/Summer 2011.

Wear a bib to protect your designer duds from drool.


I don’t really like this pair of shoes, but they really look like a vagina.
I couldn’t resist emphasizing.
Christian Louboutin Fastissima 120 Booties

Images courtesy of ChristianLouboutinshoesexy.com

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Why RTW Fashion is my jam.

I love fashion. But specifically, I love Ready To Wear.


If I were to design a piece of clothing in any capacity, it would be Ready To Wear, because it would be worn by the masses. People say Haute Couture is walking art, but I think the same of Ready To Wear clothing. What is more artistic than designing something beautiful for the every day fashionista to enjoy in a versatile way?

To bolster my opinion…
Here are some stills from Paris Haute Couture Fashion week:


Franck Sorbier

Advertisement: Snuggie for the lazy cat lady. All you need to do is throw this on, and your cats will be entertained for hours!


On Aura Tout Vu

A unicorn on the runway.


GF: “Could you stop looking at my chest?”
BF: “Why, its not like I’m enjoying it..”


Stephane Rolland

A giant bedbug.



Remember that Tranny model Huffington Post was obsessed with?
She got her first job. Wasn’t what she expected.
HA. JayKay.


Jean Paul Gaultier

I actually like this one. Sans the hair.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fashion Week Day One.

Ok, so as you know, or at least I hope you do, today marked the beginning of the best week of the year. New York Fashion Week. There was a healthy dose of the good, the bad, and the ugly. So I am starting a tradition for The Fagazine. I am going to talk about my pick for worst show, best show, and the garment I am obsessed with, whether it be menswear or womens.

Today, I was tipped off when I was out and about Cincinnati by my friend, a fellow fashion enthusiast that Christian Siriano’s show was a bust. Ryan Seminara, is a jack of all trades when it comes to design with a very good eye so I took his word for it. (He is amazing at duplicating dresses, and undoubtedly making his own designs spring to life, but he also designed the logo for this blog.) I didn’t take his word lightly. He sent me a few pictures of dresses that made me cringe and there weren’t many things that Christian could have done to bounce back from these atrocious beasts. They were a set of his signature “stunner” gowns that went down the runway, and three of the forty looks brought everything down with them. The red dress with entirely too much frill made me think of a prom dress gone horribly wrong, or on steroids. There is simply no way for the dresses (or the other two for that matter) to be flattering for ANYONES figure. The second dress was flesh colored with darker shades that hinted to a slightly wrinkled flesh, part of a man’s anatomy. Yes, I am talking about a scrotum. I know right? Ew. If you watched the live cast and you saw how the dress moved there is no denying the resemblance. This analogy was brought to my attention by Ryan also. Well done Mr. Siriano. The final dress looked like something produced by a freshman fashion design student as a joke. The dress lacks any shape and the shirt looks like someone strapped on a part of the great koral reef. Not cute. The idea behind this collection, according to Siriano himself, was to bring together all cultures into one collection. This sounds like a cop out to me. The collection was not coherent what so ever and it seemed that there was no trend to the color scheme, and the story line? Forget about it, non existent. Siriano has been dead on every time in years past but I can’t find any redeeming garment in this collection. So if you hadn’t guessed already, this was my choice for worst show.

My choice for best show was by far Nicholas K. This collection is totally my style and extremely wearable. All walks of life could pull off this collection. The relaxed collection consisted of muted tones and easy to wear clothing. But they all had a fashion forward aspect to them. The greens, greys and everything in between kept me on my toes throughout. This is for the fashionista(o) who still likes to be comfortable in what he or she is wearing. The loose fitted shirts and the flowing jackets were enough to make me burst with excitement. The layering that this duo pulls off is also flawless. Layering is one of my strengths and a staple of my personal style. So I may be biased, but this collection is sure to please most everyone who comes across it. I also found my favorite garment of the day (and probably the week) in this collection. A mens jacket that is relaxed and yet still dramatic enough to fit me to a t. I must have it. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about how cozy this would feel draped along my shoulders, and how fierce I would look walking around Cincinnati and the rest of the world in it. So here it is. Do you DIE?

Talk to you tomorrow kiddies. Stay ferocious.

Editor In Cheif of Fagazine,
Zach Shumate