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Fashionable Fella: Brad Goreski

So many fashionista’s get put in the spotlight every day, but the A-List fashionisto’s are few and far between. So I am starting a segment where I will highlight my favorite fashionisto each week.


This week, we’re starting with one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Brad Goreski.

This preciously preppy stylist burst onto the fashion scene when he landed a gig as an assistant for Rachel Zoe, and was a starring role on her Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project. He endured working with a hellacious bitch named Taylor, and the ups and downs of Rachel and Roger’s peculiar relationship.


Then he realized he needed to get out there and try new things.

Things worked out because he brought a client or two from Rachel’s styling firm with him, then landed his biggest job ever styling for Kate Spade’s runway show during fashion week in February of this year.

Brad needs his own Bravo show, because he is just as charming and adorable as Rachel, he won’t have a crying baby running around, and he isn’t so skinny the viewer is terrified he will drop dead at any second.

But he is drop dead gorgeous.

And aside from all those reasons, anyone who can stroll down the street in a ferocious bright red Hugo Boss suit deserves their show.


Congrats on your success, and keep up the good work, gurl.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Sao Paulo Fashion Week. What?

Wait, Sao Paulo Fashion week is a thing?

This is one way to get your city’s Fashion Week on the proverbial map real damn quick.

Celebrity pull.

Super Models Alessandra Ambrosia and Giselle Bundchen and SuperCelebrities Paris Hilton, and Ashton Kutcher hit the catwalk in Brazil.

It was a good move too, cause I along with the rest of the blogosphere are talking about it. Christina Aguilera was also down in Sao Paulo recently promoting her new Jerseytastic clothing line for a major Brazilian clothing store.


Her legs make me cry.


Its amazing how I can tell that her runway walk is awkward through a still photograph.


I’m fairly confident she could kick my ass, just by looking at me like that.


Oh my god. I’m sweating.
Ashton should return to his modeling roots more often.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Why RTW Fashion is my jam.

I love fashion. But specifically, I love Ready To Wear.


If I were to design a piece of clothing in any capacity, it would be Ready To Wear, because it would be worn by the masses. People say Haute Couture is walking art, but I think the same of Ready To Wear clothing. What is more artistic than designing something beautiful for the every day fashionista to enjoy in a versatile way?

To bolster my opinion…
Here are some stills from Paris Haute Couture Fashion week:


Franck Sorbier

Advertisement: Snuggie for the lazy cat lady. All you need to do is throw this on, and your cats will be entertained for hours!


On Aura Tout Vu

A unicorn on the runway.


GF: “Could you stop looking at my chest?”
BF: “Why, its not like I’m enjoying it..”


Stephane Rolland

A giant bedbug.



Remember that Tranny model Huffington Post was obsessed with?
She got her first job. Wasn’t what she expected.
HA. JayKay.


Jean Paul Gaultier

I actually like this one. Sans the hair.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,