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New Bravo Shows!


Bravo has released a list of 11 new seriess they have picked up, and 5 returning original shows! Guess who is going to tell you about them?! ME ME ME!

Well, I’m going to tell you about the ones I am excited about anyways. You can read the full list, here.

“Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis”

Jeff Lewis, Zoila, and Jenni Pulos are back and better than ever in this new series spin off from “Flipping Out.” This time they move in with people. Flip their houses and change their personal lives. Juicy juice juice!

“Its a Brad Brad World” (working title)

BRAD GORESKI HAS HIS OWN SHOW! Squeee! It is a docu-series following his business ventures since his step down as Rachel Zoe’s assistant. I CAN NOT WAIT for this one.

“Ready to Wear” (working title)

This series follows the day to day life of four eccentric employees at the High End NYC consignment shop “Second Time Around.” The shop “makes dreams come true for shoppers looking for designer fashions on a budget.” It follows the employees looking through attics and garage sales for the best fashion finds in the city. I also am having a gaygasm for this one.

“Mad Fashion”

This series “presents an up-close look at the over-the-top world of celebrity fashion designer Chris March. From concept to delivery, each episode follows March, the former Project Runway alum, and his eccentric crew of fashion misfits as they create one-of-a-kind designs for his loyal clientele.” This one is going to be good too! Bravo has outdone themselves.

These are the shows I am on the edge of my seat waiting for, but there is a whole slew of other shows listed in their press release.

Check out all of the shows in more detail for yourself.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



LiLo Love.

Lindsay Lohan may have dropped her surname, but she hasn’t dropped her legal issues. Not only does she have the Felony Grand Theft trial going on, but she also is still being investigated for Criminal Battery from back when she was in rehab!

Oi vey.

It’s okay! She is still looking faboosh outside of court right? Lindsay has the best accessories in the biz, and I’m obsessed.

Arriving at JFK 3-13-11

That bag is one of Lindsay’s favorites, but also one of mine. She wears it all the time. Also, I love her jacket. She is on trend with the military jacket, but still keeping her slouchy cali style.


This caption is just to draw your attention towards Lindsay's feet.


LOOK at those leopard print loafers! OhMyFashionGod I am so obsessed. This picture is so glam. The blackberry, the scarf, the oversized chunky knitted sweater. The ever present sunnies. I want to be her assistant. And twin.


Lindsay (Lohan?) for Kira Plastinina




Lindsay (Lohan?) for Kira Plastinina


Smolder honey, smolder.
I want that ring in my life.

Lindsay (Lohan?) for Kira Plastinina

I love this whole outfit. But the glove and the shoes are everything.
Watch your kooka kneeling down like that Linz.


Accessories are my favorite aspect of fashion, and maybe that is why I will always forgive Lindsay for her transgressions.

But two things are for sure:

1. The Fagazine will always be Pro Gay-Marriage.
2.The Fagazine will always be Pro Lindsanity.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fashion; Fotographed.

There are so many Fashion Photog wannabes, and it is nice to come across someone who is bursting onto the scene with a velocity that we haven’t seen since the beginning of Patrick Demarchelier.


Nicholas Routzen is a Brooklyn based photographer who is as gorgeous in front of the camera as the pictures he takes.

Nicholas is originally from Ventura, California, and spent a year in LA before making the move to NYC. He new he couldn’t get the client el he needed to gain traction unless he made the move.

His photographs have a classic fashion, yet dynamic aesthetic that have earned him a list of clients ranging from Nike to designer Robert Geller (OBSESSED). He’s also had magazine spreads in Nylon, Seventeen, and Esquire.


Here are some of his photos so you can see why I am so obsessed.


Holy platform.

JBiebs? Is that you? JayKay. I ❤ lesbian.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


S/S 2011 Men’s Obsessions

There are three designers I am hooked on for this season.

Here they be:

Hugo Boss:

I love this whole look, but that red trench especially. It is such an attention getter. And everyone knows I can’t get enough of THAT.


Viktor & Rolf:

I NEED these shoes. And there is a little hinty hint of another one of the lewks that are going to be major this summa.

I also am falling hard for those grey oxfords in the left. (I already have a pair from 1907 that are almost identical.) And of course, the chino’s in the middle. They’re one of my favorite Spring/Summer pieces to have because they’re NEVER out of style.

I lurve everything about this look. Everything. But I couldn’t pull off the shorts. I’d rock the shit out of the rest though. *Get in my closet*

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m really into structure this season, this is a nice medium between that and relaxed.

(There are those fabulous shoes again!) The last thing I’m inFASHuated with (get it? not infatuated but infashuated, lol) from V&R is this leather jacket. So ferocious. Me thinks I will do a parallel universe post next week with affordable items just like the ones shown in all these pics!

I’ve saved the best for last:

Ermenegildo Zegna

Look at the stitching on that suit. It looks so light and comfy you could sleep in it, but that would never happen. Unless you passed out drunk at some formal event. In which case, you’re a cast member of Jersey Shore, so consider yourself formally banned from wearing E. Zegna.

Another cozy looking suit! But you sir, had me at ascot.
I think I’m in love.

I’ve obviously fixated on outlandishly colored trench’s. I’m also in toterly in love with this.

A white fedora, plaid jacket, and orange ascot?! Mr. Zegna, be mine.
Is it too late to mail one of those candy valentine hearts?

I love the deep cuffs on those pants, and the shoes. The model reminds me of an antelope.

Deep cuffs , lurve, same shoes, lurve, crazy printed shirt peeking out from under that flawlessly tailored jacket? You’re talking dirty to me Ermenegildo, stop it.



This post has clearly reached its climax.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Paris Fashion Week: Streets

My favorite trends this year at Paris Fashion Week were on the streets. Textures and Colors galore.

These have to be the best adaptation of “Blue Suede Shoes” ever.

Lets just get the accessories out of the way, That necklace is heaven on top of the salmon-y colored shirt. I also love the Celine carry all pouch. I want one. And me thinks I am going to purchase almost an exact replica from American Apparel.

If you have these rings, and wear them in my presence, you’re automatically raised to best friend status.

Ya know, just two gorgeous Parisian bff’s being perfectly on trend between shows.

Not so much color in this one, but there was no way I could pass up those perfectly polka’d pantalones, paired with the scarf and the tuxedo jacket. Also, her hair is EVERYTHING.

I’m obsessed with how modern this look is. The pink frock with that chunky necklace is making me sweat. And those Acne “Admire” Wedges? Major.

I want to live in this Balenciaga frock. Two frocks in a row, both worn with black leather wedges that are ankle torture. I didn’t do it on purpose I swear.

STOP IT. Big Bird meets Paris Fashion Week. So much glam.

Lavender pleated skirt. Socks and Sandals. Bright red sweater to match bright red lips. Fashion week success.

The shoes are KILLER. Also, I’m loving the giant fur on top with the bare legs.

Green pencil skirt, with the statement leggings is enough to get the Fashion Forward job done, but the pleather jacket on top is PERFECT. The outfit is on trend, and captures her personality too.

How can she wear such a “night” outfit during the day, but still look so good? Also, did you notice her COLORED FUR BAG?? Cause I did.

Rounding this partay off with my favorite look from Paris Fashion week. This is such a pretty silhouette, and I love a good Hermes scarf moment. But the way SHE is wearing it is on another level. Bravo random fashionista, bravo.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



PS: Did you have a good weekend? Cause Charlie Sheen did. He got fired from “Two and a Half Men.” But its okay, he’s still #winning. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not the show has been cancelled or if they’ll recast.

So much excitement.

This film looks fascinating and I cannot WAIT to see it.



Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


More Grammy Fashion.

Even if Rihanna was the “only girl in the world,” no one would have liked what she was wearing last night.

Unless you’re straight. And a male. But then you don’t matter.

Whoops. Vagina.
Gaultier made a mistake designing this. Hideous.

From not enough fabric, to TOO much.

Why are designers so obsessed with bed bugs this season?!
This is RiRi in Dior Couture, and it looks like they were inspired by the bedbugs in their studio.

In a nice change of pace, Naya Rivera looked stunning.

Usually I don’t like when dressed puff out around the waste, but I dig this dress. It looks beautiful on her skin.


Ricky Martin, oof.

Ricky Martin came out of the closet with a vengeance.
Really? Silver pants?
Did he arrive on a rainbow colored unicorn?


Amber P. Riley. More power to you girl!

I love seeing plus sized divas taking fashion risks!
This is fabulous.


Dianna Agron.

This literally makes me so sad. The most boring look of the night for sure.
This will teach me to never talk about Fabulebrity of the Yurr again..


Christina Aguilera, pre- stage wipe out.

Why is she still obsessed with cheap extensions?
I don’t hate this dress though, it really slims her Snooki bod down.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,






I say jump(suit)..

..You say, yes PLEASE!

A lot of fashion critics are hating the jumpsuit trend that is spreading like wildfire through hollywood right now, but I’m obsessed. Hard core.

Olivia Wilde wearing Gucci Spring 2011.
Are you obsessed yet?


I am digging this coral Amanda Wakely jumper on Heidi Klum.
You’ve redeemed yourself Heidi.
The draping is SO pretty, I love the wrapped ankles.
(And the brown peep toe Louboutins. Drool.)


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Why RTW Fashion is my jam.

I love fashion. But specifically, I love Ready To Wear.


If I were to design a piece of clothing in any capacity, it would be Ready To Wear, because it would be worn by the masses. People say Haute Couture is walking art, but I think the same of Ready To Wear clothing. What is more artistic than designing something beautiful for the every day fashionista to enjoy in a versatile way?

To bolster my opinion…
Here are some stills from Paris Haute Couture Fashion week:


Franck Sorbier

Advertisement: Snuggie for the lazy cat lady. All you need to do is throw this on, and your cats will be entertained for hours!


On Aura Tout Vu

A unicorn on the runway.


GF: “Could you stop looking at my chest?”
BF: “Why, its not like I’m enjoying it..”


Stephane Rolland

A giant bedbug.



Remember that Tranny model Huffington Post was obsessed with?
She got her first job. Wasn’t what she expected.
HA. JayKay.


Jean Paul Gaultier

I actually like this one. Sans the hair.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Virtual Visionary.

If you’re reading this post, then you have surely realized that The Fagazine has experience a bit of an overhaul in the last twelve hours. It’s all because of my friend Ryan Seminara. (Link to his twitter.) He was working til the wee hours of the morning on this new theme, and I dig it. He still has some tweaking to do, so for the next  few days you’ll be seeing some minor changes but the major alterations have already occurred.

Ryan is also working on his own virtual gallery of pieces he has designed so check back here frequently to keep up with all his shizz. We’ll be seeing big things from him in the future, I’m rather certain. Maybe if you’re really nice he will show you the Lady Gaga head dresses he has replicated. They’re stellar.

Back to business:

Tonight are the SAG Awards, and I will be live tweeting the entire red carpet, and most of the ceremony. Tomorrow will be my rundown. So hold tight, glamour gluttons. I’ll ease your appetite tomorrow.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine