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More Grammy Fashion.

Even if Rihanna was the “only girl in the world,” no one would have liked what she was wearing last night.

Unless you’re straight. And a male. But then you don’t matter.

Whoops. Vagina.
Gaultier made a mistake designing this. Hideous.

From not enough fabric, to TOO much.

Why are designers so obsessed with bed bugs this season?!
This is RiRi in Dior Couture, and it looks like they were inspired by the bedbugs in their studio.

In a nice change of pace, Naya Rivera looked stunning.

Usually I don’t like when dressed puff out around the waste, but I dig this dress. It looks beautiful on her skin.


Ricky Martin, oof.

Ricky Martin came out of the closet with a vengeance.
Really? Silver pants?
Did he arrive on a rainbow colored unicorn?


Amber P. Riley. More power to you girl!

I love seeing plus sized divas taking fashion risks!
This is fabulous.


Dianna Agron.

This literally makes me so sad. The most boring look of the night for sure.
This will teach me to never talk about Fabulebrity of the Yurr again..


Christina Aguilera, pre- stage wipe out.

Why is she still obsessed with cheap extensions?
I don’t hate this dress though, it really slims her Snooki bod down.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,







GAGA for Grammy Guys

Once again, a big shout out to @tomandlorenzo from ProjectRungay for the pics!

Here are all the men, well mostly. I see them as a reward for having to stare at tits and ass all night to enjoy some fashion.


Not only is Chord Overstreet’s name hot, so is he.
But babe, give Bieber his hair back.


Kevin McHale is adorable.
HE CAN WALK! Its a red carpet miracle!


I thought this was Kris Jenner at first..
Glambert, DUH.


He’s wearing sneakers. Dumb.
And his stylist didn’t have his pants steamed. Dumb.
Justin Bieber can NOT do whatever he wants and get away with it.
I’m saying never.


Cyndi Lauper?? How’d you get in here?!
Silly me. Tehe.


Darren Criss is SO god damn cute!
He’s not allowed to be straight and wear such hot shoes.
It’s not fair!!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Grammys: The Best and Worst

If you don’t read already, start reading ProjectRungay, because none of these pics would be possible without the hilarious writers of that blog @tomandlorenzo!

Let’s just get the cutie pie factor out of the way. Darren Criss and Matthew Morrison. #love


Snooki in Jersey Shore Couture. So adorable!


A very pregnant Selma Blair in Lanvin. This is how pregnancy is done.


Nicki Minaj in Givenchy head to toe. #flinstones #LEAPORDPRINT
I love it.


Margaret Cho looking beautiful in John Renaud.


Kelly O looking phenomenal in Tadashi Shoji, and Alexander McQueen pumps. That color looks great on her.


Jennifer Hudson in Versace. DAYUM!


Florence (sans Machine) in Givenchy S/S 2011. Swans that don’t make me nauseous on a dress!


Pregnant Jewel looks like a Classy Caroline.


Heidi Klum has redeemed herself since the Globes, in Julien MacDonald.
Those shoes are bangin, and those boobs are saggin.


Selena Gomez looking beyond in J. Mendel.
She is my second best dressed for the Grammys.

Bring ya BarfBag:

Jenna Ushkowitz. I don’t care who the designer is, and I don’t wish to drag their name through the mud. Avert your eyes.


Leah Michele, uh, where’s your mariachi band?
Go back to Glee. Bitch.


Hayley Williams of Paramore. What the HELL.
How could Jeremy Scott design a GoGo Dress for the Grammys..


Natasha Bedingfield. Cut it out. Seriously cut that dress up.


Best Dressed at the Grammy Awards 2011

Kim Kardashian is a vision in gold sparkle. The epitome of bronze goddess.
Gown: Kaufman Franco
Jewels: Lorraine Schwartz

Just in case you can’t see it, LOOK at this Lorraine Schwartz Snake Bracelet!

That was fun. Huh?

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



So, GaGa just rolled into the Grammys. She’s in an egg. Incubating.

Born This Way.

Directly before arriving at the Grammys GaGa’s stylist Nicola, tweeted on GaGa’s account:

This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation. Tonight’s performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X

Litchrally dying from excitement to see what she’s wearing.  Her dress is rumored to be 12 FEET LONG.

Stop teasing us GaGa, the Monsters are restless.

As soon as I get eyes on her dress, I’ll update.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Today was the day Lady GaGa released her new gay rights song! Be who you are!

Just make sure YOU lurve dis song!


(you gotsta watch it on youtube. Vevo is a moron or something…)


Don’t be a drag just be a Queen!!

Well, do you feel better about yourself?? Uplifting!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


DO you live on Mars?

No he just does cocaine.

By he I mean Bruno Mars. (Get the title now? His last name is Mars! See?)

Back in September, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Bruno was ratted out by a bathroom attendant to hotel security saying a man was in a stall doing drugs.

The drug was cocaine, is September Cocaine Month in Vegas? Because this was days after Paris and her “gum” incident I mentioned earlier today.

Today in court, Bruno struck a deal with the Clark County DA. He’ll officially enter his plea in district court on February 14th, then complete 200 hours of community service. The charge will be expunged from his record if he stays out of trouble for the next twelve months.

Now where’s the fun in that?! Bruno will “take a grenade for ya.” Or “jump in front of a train for ya!” He lives on the edge.

A dark artistic type can’t last for twelve months without getting in trouble. Rock on Bruno, rock on.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,