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Glam: Anne at the Oscars

Annie may have been overcompensating all night long for James Franco’s stoned demeanor, but she did look absolutely gorgeous ALL night long.


Here are each of her looks from The Oscars:


Anne walked the carpet in Vintage Valentino Couture. Gorgeous.

Her first look for the show was from Givenchy’s Fall 2009 Collection.
Such a show stopper. Rachel Zoe knows how to find a show stopper.

THE SHOES. Those shoes are custom Brian Atwood pumps, and I am dying for them.  It’s nice when your stylist is best friends with designers like Brian. The tux is Lanvin and I love it as well. Such a light look.

This Vivienne Westwood gown was my least favorite look of the evening. It isn’t a horrible dress, but compared to everything else, not great.

Anne wears Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 here. She looks better than the model.

Anne Hathaway looks better that the model once again, but in this case it isn’t hard. The model looks like RoboCop’s daughter. Armani Prive.

This was my favorite change of the evening. She is wearing Atelier Versace Spring 2011. Her hair, and the dress are perfection. She liked it best also, because she wore this look to the Vanity Fair after party.

Anne Hathaway’s final look of the evening was a Tom Ford creation. In true Zoe fashion, this dress abides by her “More is More” mantra. Its a perfect finale dress. Well done Mrs. Zoe, well done.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Its OSCAR Weekend!

Prepare yourselves to be inundated with fashion tweets and blog posts on Sunday night from yours truly. I LIVE for Award Show season, and specifically the Red Carpet coverage but the Oscars are THE show to watch.

Even if there was no Red Carpet coverage this time, I would watch just to see the sexy hosts!

James Franco, and Anne Hathaway are quite the dynamic duo.

See you Sunday!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,

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Rachel Zoe– Slow down Baby.

Rachel Zoe, the most fabulous Hollywood stylist is “to die” over the fact that she is eight months preggers.

But she needs her little bundle of Halston Happiness to stay put until AFTER the Oscars.  Several of her clients are going to be there (they’ll be the flashiest ones on the carpet, with the most ba-nan-as looks). But her biggest A-List client Anne Hathaway, “Annie” Rachel calls her, is Co-Hosting with James Franco.

Rachel has to find even more looks than normal with an evening of designer sequin laced quick changes looming over her head.

Rachel tells her baby boy he “has to stay put until after [The Oscars],” which is going to be a close call, she’s eight months pregs, and the oscars are on February 27th!

Best of luck Lady!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Hellurr there!

Even though today Cincinnati was THE most gloomy city in the entire world, I am feeling upbeat! Whether or not this post will have too many exclamation points remains to be seen.

Here is the list of new Oscar Nominations in each category for this year:

“James Franco Is Pleased”
(Even though “The Kings Speech” is in the lead.)

I really hope Geoffrey Rush wins Best Supporting Actor for “The Kings Speech” because he was fantastic.

 I am not commenting on last night’s Gossip Girl, because I am growing tired of their extremely repetitive plot. That is all. Its time for them to expand the cast.

There has been a new development in the lives of the cast members on Jersey Shore. For the fourth installment of the guiltiest pleasure on TV they will all be turning into Jerry Jetsetters and taking a trip to ITALY. I would like to know who the hell thought this shit up, because American-Italians can’t stand those people, what’s gonna happen with the real deal?! If anything happens to Snooki, I’ll wear black for two years. But I’ve gotta give it up for these wannabe A-Listers because they’re riding this thing all the way to the bank. (Seriously though, they need to cool it with the book “writing.” Snooks, and The Situation already have published “books” and now Jwoww is “writing” one of her own! We know you’re not exactly intellectual, and we’ve accepted it. You should too.) 

Speaking of wannabe (g)A(y)-Listers:

I got a new hair cut. Dig it? Dig it.

The flawless fotograph shown above is courtesy of my biffie Heidi Palmer.

Check out more sensational shizz on her FLICKR.  


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Third Person.

Don’t worry Zach Shumate isn’t going to write a philisophical post on how most people live their lives in the third person to avoid emotional attachment. He just wants to be sure you guys see this  PerezHilton article.

Zach Shumate laughed for twenty minutes about this post. Especially that picture!

Maybe James Franco failed acting class at NYU because of this very reason! Ha! Why does it have to be true that the majority of talented artists are fucking crazy, shy, egotistical, or dead? Seems like an unfair trade.

So incase you missed the link before, Zach Shumate will give it to you one more time, here.

Really, you need to read it. It will make you feel better about how crazy/egotistical you are.

Furthermore, Zach Shumate is posting a picture of himself for you to make your background, because he is simply that captivating.

You’re welcome.
(Photo Credit: HeidiPalmer  

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,
Zach Shumate