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JBiebs does it all.

Justin Bieber has hit every single aspect of the entertainment industry thus far, and he is extending the reach of his pubescent empire to the big screen.

You may be saying, “But wait Zach, didn’t he already have a documentary on the big screen?”

Yes you idiots, I know he did. Pedophile’s Dream “Never Say Never 3D” was a big hit. But this time around, he won’t be playing himself. So it’s a real big screen picture, not a straight to DVD wannabe.

He’s rumored to be joining in Ashton Kutcher’s new movie “What Would Kenny Do” where Kutcher plays a man who visits his teenage self (played by the Biebs) via Hologram to give him advice.


"Oh SHIT, is that what I'm gonna look like when my balls drop?!"



Meh, sounds like a typical Ashton movie. With a dash of Zac Efron in Seventeen Again. Maybe I spoke to soon about it not being a “straight to DVD wannabe…”

None the less, it will be a blockbuster. Everything Justin Bieber touches turns to gold.


Hair cuts everywhere!

First Justin Bieber cut off his locks, and gave the clippings to Ellen to sell on her website for charity… Weird.


Now Jennifer Aniston got her hair cut off!

Two hair cuts in a row that I love!


You work that sassy bob miss thing!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Sell yo hair.

Justin Bieber is not whipping his hair back and forth, he is selling it.

The Biebs got a hair cut this weekend right before filming his new video with Rascal Flatts, and he is auctioning off the cut hair for charity.


Whoever buys it automatically becomes categorized as a freak.


Buying someone else’s hair constitutes some level of insanity right?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Most Valuable Bieber.

Despite his team losing the NBA celebrity All-Star Game last night, half sized hoopster Justin Bieber won MVP for the night. He had eight points, two rebounds and four assists. (I don’t know what any of that but “points” means. So…)

The obligitory Bieber hair flip. Its still in tact even when playing basketball.
I want whatever he puts in that shit.


Uh, intimidation?


Oh no wait. He just saw this girl. Not intimidation.
The fever.


Is there some rule that if you wanna play basketball you have to make weird faces, wear sinfully hideous shoes, and gigantic clothes?


Bieber, Trey SongZ, and that one child rapper who never made it like The Biebs has. Remember him? I don’t. He was Lil Bow Wow’s “competition.”


Wait. There were ACTUAL celebrities there? Hm.
I guess I will watch next year.


If he was to be turned into an animated Disney character, he would be a deer.
Like Bambi. With a hoodie.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Wanna be just like The Biebs? Well now you can.

The University of Western Ontario has dedicated a course to specifically that. The four year institution where the Teen Pop Phenomenon once expressed interest in attending has founded a ground breaking course called “Swaggerific Like Justin Bieber.”

*Justin Bieber and his sis Jazmyn*

The University gossip site Room110.com is funding the swag program, and their Representative Michael Wilson said:

“The new program, titled, ‘Swaggerific Like Justin Bieber,’ will educate individuals to learn how to carry themselves with swagger like Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, and further teach them about the sociology behind having swag, and what swag exactly is.”

Sign me up! It would at least be good for a least a laugh or two. Especially at the expense of the nerds who demand to be graded on the swag they’ll never attain.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


GAGA for Grammy Guys

Once again, a big shout out to @tomandlorenzo from ProjectRungay for the pics!

Here are all the men, well mostly. I see them as a reward for having to stare at tits and ass all night to enjoy some fashion.


Not only is Chord Overstreet’s name hot, so is he.
But babe, give Bieber his hair back.


Kevin McHale is adorable.
HE CAN WALK! Its a red carpet miracle!


I thought this was Kris Jenner at first..
Glambert, DUH.


He’s wearing sneakers. Dumb.
And his stylist didn’t have his pants steamed. Dumb.
Justin Bieber can NOT do whatever he wants and get away with it.
I’m saying never.


Cyndi Lauper?? How’d you get in here?!
Silly me. Tehe.


Darren Criss is SO god damn cute!
He’s not allowed to be straight and wear such hot shoes.
It’s not fair!!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


WTF File: Taylor Momsen

I have started a new segment on The Fagazine, all because of what Taylor Momsen didn’t wear wore to Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never 3D premier on Tuesday night.

Seriously, you’re not going to see Burlesque honey. You’re going to see Justin Bieber’s movie. What the EFF were you thinking?? This is so inappropriate to wear in any location outside the bedroom. You will never be Lady GaGa, so get your shit together.

Why can’t she just dress like her character on Gossip Girl, Jenny.

Here’s a photo of her on set.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


I’m a Selieber.

I really, REALLY like these two together.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are actually the cutest hollywood couple there is right now.

Justin, give me that oversized cowl neck sweater RIGHT now.

How happy do they look?!

But they went to see Blue Valentine together last week.

1) She must have bought his ticket. He’s not old enough.

2) That is the worst movie you could ever pick to go see in the early stages of a relationship! It isn’t exactly uplifting. But it is phenomenal. They’ve got good taste in movies if nothing else.

Ryan Gosling is perfection.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Photog Phables.

When are the paparazzi going to learn that they can’t get in the personal space of celebrities?

There have been several incidents of late involving overbearing photogs getting in the way of celebrities, and celebs are starting to fight back.

Back in September, in LA Paris Hilton and her beau Cy Waits ran over the leg of a photog who was one of about twenty blocking the front of their car while trying to leave a parking garage.

Here’s the video of the gnats being obnoxious:

This was right around the same time Paris and Cy got in trouble in Vegas for possession of cocaine. Paris told police she thought it was “a stick of gum” in the bottom of her purse..

Now reports have surfaced that Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Kenneth Hamilton was arrested earlier this week in NYC for allegedly roughing up a paparazzi back on November 26th. Apparently the photog got too close to the prince of pop and Hamilton shoved him up against a parked car.

(The Biebs is wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat in this pic! WOO! Biebs, I’m from Cinci, can I get an exclusive interview with you and Selena? Eh? Eh?)

Sounds like the bodyguard was doing his job to me…

Editor-In-Chief of the Fagazine,


El Biebs is Numero Uno.

Justin Bieber has more sway than the Prez! (Not because he can get a date with Selena Gomez..)

I’m being serious.

Okay here’s the dish. (Get it? Cause we’re talking about a restaurant.)

During the filming of Justin Biebers new 3D Movie Never Say Never, Bieber visited the restaurant, Chef Chu’s in Paolo Alto California, owned by the parents of the Director of his movie Jon Chu. (I’m a professional run-on-sentencer. NBD.) Did you follow that?

Anywho, Chu said that Presidents have eaten at the restaurant before, and business was never increased. But, after the Biebs rolled through, business spiked 20%!

Gurl, you ain’t know?

Bieber is a Demi-God to the tweens of the world.

They don’t know who the president is. Let alone where he eats..

Obama should rethink his re-election slogan.

Obama, and Obieber. It could work. It would definitely keep Palin out of office..

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,