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Spoiler Alert: Glee

So, Wednesday night was Paleyfest. For those of you who don’t know, its like Comicon for television shows. I was ALL over the Glee panel.

Lets cover the basics on topics the cast and creators were asked about.


When asked about the Kurt and Blaine kiss, Darren Criss said:

It certainly felt right. It was a really special time.

Ryan Murphy said:

It’s so impactful because it’s important to so many people.

Thanks for that deep and meaningful insight boys.. At least Darren didn’t say “no homo” after he answered. That would have been on trend with his usual schtick.

I miss Cheno.

Thats okay! She’s coming back. Her all white production of The Wiz failed miserably. (CLEARLY fictional. I mean, you all saw her perform Home right?) But she returns, and she is in a one woman show called “Crossroads” the writers composed a song for her called “Its 10am and I’m drunk.” I am very excited. Ryan says Cheno and Gwyneth are the Muses for the show, and they’ll always be coming back.


Random quotes and funnies.

Amber P. Riley choreographed “Hell to the No” herself.

Naya Rivera has had an “overwhelming response” since Santana’s coming out on the show.

Jane Lynch said teachers come up to her and say “I wish I could say what Sue says.”

The sex talk between Kurt and Burt was somewhat autobiographical for Ryan Murphy.

There is a “Born This Way” EP soon, YES.

In regards to the “Britana” storyline, it will be explored but it is more about Santana’s personal journey than a romantic relationship.

The remaining episodes in this season are geared towards going to nationals and the Finn/Rachel/Quinn thing is HUGE.

Matt Morrison on Wemma: “They deserve each other and would help eachother so much. So I hope it happens.”

The last 6 episodes are about the battle with Vocal Adrenaline and CHARICE is back!!

Ryan was asked about cast input on storylines: “If I get one more call about them wanting to do Adele songs..” YES!


The Big Bang.

Kurt was asked how he likes being away from the rest of the group and with The Warblers. He said he missed the group, “But I’m glad to be back.” Whoops! The crowd went wild and he said “Don’t act like you didn’t know.”

Also, Blaine will have to audition for New Directions in the future!

Klaine will never be apart.


Pretty Pics:

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How awkward do Darren and Chris look??

Also, please observe Naya’s ferocity.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Can we pause for a moment please?

This week has been intense. In the fashion world, in Hollywood, by extension Vegas, and in the movie industry. I think its time for us to pause and take a look back at the good, bad, glamorous, and not so glamorous.

First let’s start with a combination of all of those things. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Special part one. This show has been highly anticipated my the Bravo faithfuls ever since they aired the promo video a few weeks ago, and let me be the first to say. Part one did NOT disappoint. Dirty D was there causing trouble from minute one and you could tell the other three women were not going to take any of her bullshit. Within the first fifteen minutes Teresasaurus Rex (Teresa Giudice) was out in full force. While the viewer wasn’t sure exactly what Danielle said about Teresa’s family to send her into a fury we are sure that we don’t care because it was amazing. Teresa tossed Andy off of her like a rag doll! The bitch can fight. Watch your back Dannielle. Now let’s talk about the other Red headed diva, Caroline. She walked all up and down that bitch Dirty D. Every time Danielle lied Caroline called her out, and when Danielle wouldn’t answer her questions she made sure people knew Danielle was an idiot. Like we needed any help. But when Danielle refused to answer a certain question Caroline had the best come back I’ve ever heard. “We’re in the ok corral alright?! Buckle up!”

I can hardly contain my excitement for next weeks second installment of the reunion. Danielle leaves and Jac trued to fight her! You go girl!

Now, for the NOT glamorous part of this post. Paris Hilton got arrested for possession of a controlled substance. She must have realized that america doesn’t give a fuck about her anymore and acted out to get some publicity. It worked.. but she is probably going to be going to jail for this little infraction. In true Paris Hilton fashion she made the stupidest comments that were released to the press. She probably would have been fine and continued receiving special treatment from the Vegas police if she hadn’t opened her mouth to friends. She made it clear that she wasn’t worried at al about the consequences of this little mishap. So now that she has succesfully pissed off the justice system she has to go to trial for possession of cocaine, which has a maximum sentence of four years in prison. How’s that for “the simple life” Paris? My bet is that she won’t be able to survive this episode without Nicole Richie. Good luck baby!

In LiLo news, she has been granted the cover of Vanity Fair as a punishment for her bad behavior. Check it out. She says some shit that is just too stupid for me to post on this site. On the up side, her three new movies coming out this year look very good. Maybe that will be a catalyst for a come back? I hope so. I miss Cady. Look up the movies and get back to me. “Inferno,” “The Other Side,” and “Teenage Paparazzo.”

Finally, who watched the Emmy’s?! Well not so much the actual award show. But the red carpet. Lea Michele, and Ryan Murphy were 100% my choices for best dressed. Ryan Murphy was wearing a teal blue Tom Ford tux that was to die for. And Lea Michele, well, she was a goddess. A goddess wearing the most magnificent navy blue Oscar de la Renta gown that epitomized the meaning of the word gown. It was luxurious, magnificent, and whimsical. It clung to her figure in ALL the right places then evolved into a billowing skirt of ruffles that sent the look over the top. Do you die? Because I certainly do.

I am going to leave you with a picture of this flawless songbird in all her glory. Forget the name of her hit show. This dress fills with me the emotion. Glee.