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T-Swift’s favorite Chord

Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet were spotted this weekend on what looked a lot like a date. They attended the LA Kings game at the Staples Center last night.

Besides the fact that they look like cousins, it also looks like they are on one hell of an awkward date.

Please note the girls face just above Taylor’s shoulder. She’s the real star here.


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Court Chronicles: LiLo

This idiot jeweler keeps changing their story.

And it’s helping Lindsay’s case. First, she said that Lindsay came in the store three times before in the same day, looking at the necklace she allegedly stole. Then she changed her story and said Lindsay was originally looking at a pair of ear rings.

First inconsistency.

She also said that the security tape showed Lindsay reaching around her neck and putting the necklace in her Chanel bag, when in fact it just showed her walking out of the store with a male friend with the necklace around her neck.

Second inconsistency.

Finally, the jeweler brought the fact that an incident like this has happened before with Lindsay, and it may actually help her case. According to the jeweler, Lindsay was trying on a pair of ear rings the week prior to the alleged theft, and walked out with one of the ear rings still in her ear with out realizing it. She also left her own MORE EXPENSIVE ear rings on the counter. The clerk brought it to her attention and Lindsay laughed, apologized and put her ear rings back in.

“Aw shucks, I’m so forgetful..”

Friends close to Lindsay say she is very scatterbrained and does things like this all the time. The goal is just to create reasonable doubt for the jury, and I think they’ve got plenty to do so.


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Court Chronicles: LiLo


Apparently no one likes Lindsay Lohan. (Except me.)

Today in court, directly after Lindsay entered her plea of not guilty, the judge came down on her like a hammer.

Saying things would be different this time because she was being tried for a felony. “If you violate the law, I will remand you, and there will be NO BAIL.” He warned that she is no different than anyone else and shouldn’t push her luck.

I don’t think she will.

Today, Lindsay even got in trouble for sending the Jeweler flowers “to be nice.” The jeweler got upset and “freaked out.”

I am so effing tired of this jeweler trying to get famous from hurting someone else.

A letter to the jeweler: NO ONE knows your name, NO ONE CARES who you are, and NO ONE is going to come shop at your Venice beach upscale crafting store. The necklace you LOANED HER was ugly as shit anyways.

Also, she is getting criticized for her outfit she wore today. Can she do anything right?

She wore her white Kimberly Ovitz dress to symbolize her innocence. I love the look! It is conservative and SO classy!

Also, she has the best sunglasses out of any starlet across the world. I love every pair I see her in.

Cute right?

How fab are those sunglasses?


Lindsay made bail immediately. Then she booked it the hell out of the courthouse in her Escalade.

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Court Chronicles: LiLo

Today is the day.

The Felony Grand Theft charges against Lindsay have been filed, and she is set to appear in court at 1:30 PT today. So around four thirty for all of us here on the east coast, the hearing will be live streamed on TMZ. I will be tuning in until I have to go to work.

Hold it together Lindsay, this case isn’t exactly iron clad.


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Court Chronicles: LiLo

Well, things are still being stacked up against my friend Lindsay.

(And I’m not talking about how she is pissed at the cast of Glee and its writers for naming her mom Dina as one of the “Losers of the year” from Sundays episode.)

The Los Angeles DA decided that Lindsay will be charged with Felony Grand Theft.

As for the Perp Walk, nothing has been decided but the situation could go 1 of 3 ways.

Lindsay would have a warrant issued for her arrest, allowing the police to cuff her and parade her in front of a gaggle of reporters.

The police could arrange for Linz to surrender herself in a location hidden from the cameras.

Finally, Lindsay could surrender herself upon arraignment. Which seems like the most fair option.

But also, the least fun for the DA.

Good luck Linz, she and her lawyer have said they are ready to fight the charges, and so are we. Go Gurl.


On a different note, Lindsay is in talks for joining onto the new Superman reboot to fulfill a major role!

But, she may have a problem with it if she’s in the big house.


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Bad Taste.

Really? From catastrophe to train wreck.

These pictures say it all.

Josh Bowman may be cute. But his ladies are not so great. Amy Winehouse, then Miley Cyrus. Both equally photogenic.

Miley is so “Oh my god, what if my dad see’s this pic and gets jealous?”

And Amy is so “I know the size of my head looks like that of a Keebler Elf, but can we have sex anyways?”

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