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Typical Sunday Photoshoot

With the help of the ever ready photographer Heidi Palmer, and my gorgeous cousin Kelsey McDermott I put together quite the photoshoot this afternoon.

Photos by Heidi.

Looks styled by Zach and Kelsey.

Looks modeled by Kelsey.

Look number one:

Rachel Zoe’s Day off.

Blouse: Vince // Fur: Vintage // Pants: Forever 21 // Belt: Anne Taylor // Necklace: Banana Republic // Watch: Michael Kors // Shoes: Aldo //


Look number two.

Golden Girl.

Blouse: Michael Kors // Pants: Vintage // Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny // Sunglasses: Burberry // Scarf: Vintage // Watch: Michael Kors // Necklace: Banana Republic // Belt: Anne Taylor //


So whaddaya think? You weren’t expecting THAT much fabulosity were you?

Deal with it people.


Oh look! That’s me!

Okay gotta go! Bye!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Spring Collections 2011

Hello there fellow fashionista’s and fashionisto’s,

My rundown of the Spring 2011 trends is long overdue. This is quite an eclectic season to say the least. From Michael Kors and Tory Burch, to Proenza Schouler and Derek Lam the two most prominent trends seemed to me, at opposing ends of the fashion spectrum.

The designers all had plenty of minimalistic whites (like the Band of Outsiders look in my slideshow) which all had a certain 70’s flair to them. But they also have some of the boldest colors, and busiest patterns to come down the runway in years. The contrast displayed all in one show is wonderful.

I have compiled images of my favorite looks into a slideshow at the end of this post. Please let me know what you think of the looks!

My favorite in the slideshow is the LBD with the khaki colored jacket over it by Proenza Schouler, ob-sessed. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Editor-In Chief of Fagazine,

Remember that time…

… When people made NYE resolutions they didn’t keep?

So do I. It’s funny because, not only am I talking about myself, but I am talking about all of the readers of this blog (I say that like there are more than ten of you, but lets pretend).

New Years Resolutions in years Past:

Eat Better. (By extension, lose some lbs.)
Do better in school.
Work  out more.

I could provide what are, in my opinion, wonderful reasons why I didn’t fulfill these Resolutions, but they are hardly bulletproof. I am too busy for school work, sweating is the bane of my very existence… Legitimate all, but none are a very good disguise for the real reason. I am too lazy to work at things that don’t have immediate payoff. (not the case for my erratic post record on this blog, mind you… tehe)

My first resolution for 2011:
I am going to follow thru with these three resolutions.

My second resolution for 2011:
Blog on a regular basis, show some fucking committment for once in my life.

My third resolution for 2011:
Lose some weight, (not so I can wear my Michael Kors jeans that are my goal size) to be a healthy and happier person.

SO, what are YOUR new resolutions this year my lovely rainbow readers?


I want to know. (COMMENT)

This wouldn’t be a Fagazine post without some fashion talk, and celebrity humor.

The Sexiest Man Of The Year, Ryan Reynolds, and his wifey Scarlett (letter) Johansson have DIVORCED since I last posted.

I can’t believe this was a surprise to anyone! How is someone going to be named Sexiest Man of the Year, and remain in a committed relationship?! Not only is he going to be free to advance his illustrious career further through sex appeal, but he can get any starlett he wants! Now me thinks Hollywoods Hester Prynne will finally be realized as a 30 year old angsty teenager. Its time to leave Ghost World behind you, gurl. Nothing happened in that movie anyways…

Finally! The first annual;

Fagazine Fashion Houses of the Yurr!

The First is Nicholas K.

Visit them in all their Glory HERE:


They’re androgynous military look cuts me to the bone every time I look at it. The faux fur vest in the 2010 Women’s Collection is without flaw.

The Second for this year is Jimmy Choo.

No, not because the shoes this year are better than any other year, but they are planning to unveil a second attempt at a MEN’S COLLECTION. Yes you read that overdramatic sentence correctly. Even though the plans aren’t finalized, the prospect has me so excited that they win number two for the Fagazine Fashion House of the Yurr.

Visit their Palace of Perfect Pumps
HERE: http://www.jimmychoo.com

Ring in the new year right Party Princesses! Dress however you want, kiss whoever you please (as long as they’re willing), and leave all your baggage in 2010!

Stay fabulous.

Stay happy.

Stay you.

Happy New Decade!
Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,