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Lindsay say it ain’t so!

Lindsay Lohan went bar hopping last night with her friend Samantha Swetra. Not only did Linz put herself in a situation that is NOT good for someone working on their sobriety, but Samantha Swetra got into a fight with Paz de la Huerta. They went to Rose Bar at the Gramercie Hotel, and then The Cabin Down Below in the East Village.

Lindsay, you’re looking so much healthier!


But it wasn’t too long ago that you looked like this!


Don’t mess it up!

Also. Kamofie and Company (the jeweler who is cashing in on Lindsay’s demise) has pulled ANOTHER stunt to exploit this entire situation surrounding Lindsay’s alleged necklace heist. They started a website dedicated to showing people the surveillance video of Lindsay “stealing” the necklace. But you have to pay 2.99 EVERY time you log on. So. Disgusting. Not only have they already tried to get someone to buy the fucking movie rights for this whole fiasco, but now they’re pulling this. I have been saying this was nothing but a publicity stunt since the very beginning! I was right. Lindsay better be acquitted.


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Fashion; Fotographed.

There are so many Fashion Photog wannabes, and it is nice to come across someone who is bursting onto the scene with a velocity that we haven’t seen since the beginning of Patrick Demarchelier.


Nicholas Routzen is a Brooklyn based photographer who is as gorgeous in front of the camera as the pictures he takes.

Nicholas is originally from Ventura, California, and spent a year in LA before making the move to NYC. He new he couldn’t get the client el he needed to gain traction unless he made the move.

His photographs have a classic fashion, yet dynamic aesthetic that have earned him a list of clients ranging from Nike to designer Robert Geller (OBSESSED). He’s also had magazine spreads in Nylon, Seventeen, and Esquire.


Here are some of his photos so you can see why I am so obsessed.


Holy platform.

JBiebs? Is that you? JayKay. I ❤ lesbian.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


NYFabulebrity Week pt 3

Pictures of celebrities out and about at NYFW are my favorite pictures to post, because they all look so phenomenal.


*Credit* The Vogue Diaries

Here is Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham head to toe, at the Jenny Packham show.



*Credit* The Vogue Diaries


Hayden Panettiere in Brian Atwood Fiona Leopard Python Pumps.



*Credit* The Vogue Diaries


Blake Lively looking stunning at the Simon Doonan installation.
Wearing a Valentino dress, and Christian Louboutin for Jonathan Saunders Strass Booties. I am drooling over those shoes. HARD.



*Credit* The Vogue Diaries


Victoria Beckham arriving at her Fashion Presentation in NYC.
So much glamour.



*Credit* The Vogue Diaries


Victoria Beckham leaving her Fashion Presentation.
The transformation is to die.
I want to be her best friend.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Photog Phables.

When are the paparazzi going to learn that they can’t get in the personal space of celebrities?

There have been several incidents of late involving overbearing photogs getting in the way of celebrities, and celebs are starting to fight back.

Back in September, in LA Paris Hilton and her beau Cy Waits ran over the leg of a photog who was one of about twenty blocking the front of their car while trying to leave a parking garage.

Here’s the video of the gnats being obnoxious:

This was right around the same time Paris and Cy got in trouble in Vegas for possession of cocaine. Paris told police she thought it was “a stick of gum” in the bottom of her purse..

Now reports have surfaced that Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Kenneth Hamilton was arrested earlier this week in NYC for allegedly roughing up a paparazzi back on November 26th. Apparently the photog got too close to the prince of pop and Hamilton shoved him up against a parked car.

(The Biebs is wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat in this pic! WOO! Biebs, I’m from Cinci, can I get an exclusive interview with you and Selena? Eh? Eh?)

Sounds like the bodyguard was doing his job to me…

Editor-In-Chief of the Fagazine,


City Bound!

Hello all!

The next few days the posts are going to be slightly different than usual! I am going on a short little vacation to NYC with my gurl Lauren Barlow (@laurieloulou22) because she has an audition at NYU for the drama program (break your legs Lauren!) and was kind enough to invite me along for the ride. So, seeing as I am planning to move out there in August I will be writing about the people and places I encounter, and what I do! Especially the shopping on 5th Ave. and my FIRST EVER BROADWAY SHOW; Next to Normal! So stay tuned, I hope to be somewhat of a Sartorialist for the weekend and take pictures of the New Yorkers that strike me the most on my little baby digital camera.  

Look out Carrie Bradshaw, there’s a new fabulous narrator/writer in town!

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