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Home Alone.

Today, I have the rare privelage of spending the day at home, so I have spent it watching Ellen, The View, and Salt. (It may seem random. But the first two shows were estrogen central. I needed a little bit of ass kicking to balance it out.)

But all that is beside the point. I found a new blog addiction. Sea Of Shoes is THE best photography/fashion blog I have ever seen. Jane Aldridge is the blogger, her shoe selection is second to none, as is her style. She uploads flawless pictures of herself in every post showcasing a pair of shoes or an item of clothing/outfit. Every single one is to DIE for. Look for the post about her gold YSL platforms from Las Vegas. I was having heart palpitations as I looked at the pictures. After you see her most recent post featuring the 80’s Moschino leather jacket, you’ll be hooked.

And while I don’t have a fabulously decorated house in Texas, flawless skin, firecracker red hair, or endless amounts of money for designer duds, I’ve got a blog. So am I going to make a tribute to my girl Jane? You betcha! (Sarah Palin impression.. Even typing her name makes me nauseous.)

Here’s to you Jane!

I was feeling a little nautical today, okay? Blue tie, blue tint. It makes sense.

Having this book on our coffee table makes me feel better about being in Cincinnati.
Pine cone boat irrelevant.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Post Script: Charlie Sheen is in the hospital because of severe abdominal pain. Let’s take bets on the cause. Liver failure due to Alcohol Abuse? Kidney failure due to Alcohol Abuse? Pregnancy? Stigmata? Give me your best diagnosis people.


The OTHER blogs you should read.

While I thoroughly believe none can top The Fagazine, there are other blogs in the blogosphere that I love so much I would have cyber sex with them.

This post is my attempt at making a pass at them, smooth as a Ciroc Vodka commercial.

These are in no particular order.

This blog is one of the fashion persuasion, and the writer shows that when women dress to arouse lady boners through their fashionable furs, or perfect puff sleeves, the peen goes limp. Leandra Medine is The Man Repeller. (Yes, that is the link to her blog. But you all knew that, right?) (tweet her @manrepeller

 The second blog y’all need to peruse is by a very funny lady with whom I regularly trade clever quips, on twitter and facebook. This Snarkalicious Stephanie’s blog is called SoCarolineSays. Right now, she is doing a 365 project with her camera. But, the camera is in a state of protest. But she’s funny. So read it anyways. (Tweet HER @socarolinesays)

NEXT, you need to jump on over to The Sartorialist for some fabulous pictures of the most fashionable people in the world. He photographs celebrities and the everyday Fashionable Fanny. No matter who the photograph is taken of, you’ll want to swim in each and every one of them for hours.

Finally, whether you are an avid Cyber Shopper, or just an avid Cyber Window Shopper, you need to check out The Shopbop Blog. It’s writers are up to date on the latest trends, and they showcase how they should all be worn. And furthermore, all the looks are but a few clicks away waiting to be bought by your eager credit card!

These are the blogs that occupy MY time, so hopefully you guys like them too!

Don’t forget to check in with The Fagazine after, though.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fagazine’s Fabulebrity of the Yurr!

As I sit here watching Andy Cohen’s Wig drop, being delirious on cold medicine had a pay off. I had an epiphany. I didn’t elect the most fabulous celebrity of 2010!

(Hence the clever word in the title of this post. Fabulous + Celebrity = Fabulebrity)

I looked through hundreds of pictures and while almost everyone I saw was glamorous, most had some outrageous scandal, or ridiculous mouth. Not this pretty lady!

She has been out of the headlines for some time, but when she had a supporting role in the psycho-thrilling movie Black Swan she sprung back into the blogosphere.

(I saw Black Swan, and it was amazing. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are absolutely phenomenal. The movie was so wonderful I forgot I was watching a fictional film.)

You probably have my choice narrowed down to two ladies.

The winner IS:

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis may not be one for a colorful wardrobe, but she never fails to make an impact on the red carpet.

Here are some looks from this year that I love.

Except this one. Oi vey Mila! This was a great movie, but you should fire your stylist. you look totally pregnant! I will never understand why celebs with fantabulous figures cover them up with table clothes.

Here is that figure I was talking about. It hits her curves in all the right places, and the little ruffle on the hip is the little flair it needed to make the look special.

This dress proves that no matter how busy the garment is Mila’s the focal point. But on the real real, this dress looks like a glamorous oversized tumbleweed. Whoever designed this dress has some editorial issues. Or they just used all the fabric left in their studio.. Not great.

THIS is my choice for Mila’s best look of the year. This photo was taken at the New York premier of her movie Black Swan, and it couldn’t be a better choice! This Dior gown is elegant, and still supremely sexy! (Those metallic nude colored platforms don’t hurt the sexy level..)

Congratulations on your new title honey! Don’t let me down, gurl.

Happy New Year girls and gays!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine