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Fabulosity is..

If there is anything this past year has taught me, its that the little things are what make or break us. We each have our own definition of what a “little thing” is, but whether they are important to us or not they have a monumental effect on who we are. Whether its a friend who you go through a rough patch with, or a relationship that is blossoming. Little things like these can ruin us, or build us up. A little thing can be choosing a new path in life that holds so many possibilities and excitement, even though is not what everyone has expected from us throughout our lives. A little thing can be buying a vintage necklace or top in a small downtown shop, not an expensive buy, but just the lift you needed to make your look feel unique and special again. We, as people, are the result of a bunch of little things pieced together.

This summer I decided I am not going into music, I am going into fashion. Music was one part of my life, my childhood and adolescent life. I have always had a love for fashion, and style. I have just always been terrified to make the leap to going into the fashion industry because everyone always expected me to go into music. I love music, but I am ready for something new. That’s why I started this blog. To practice writing. It just turned out to be way more fun that I anticipated! Who knew writing about celebrities and how stupid they are would make me feel better!

The title of this post is, “fabulosity is..” and fabulosity is everything I have talked about. Fabulosity is all the little things that make us who we are, its the clothes we buy to make ourselves feel at our best, and its the choices we make for ourselves to ensure that our lives are the best they can be. Fabulosity doesn’t have to be the best make up and clothes money can buy, but fabulosity is definitely your style, and your lifestyle. In short, what makes you fabulous is what makes you happy, and proud of who you are and what you’ve done.

So ladies, even if you don’t have the newest pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, throw on your favorite dress, shoes, belt, blouse, or skirt and wear it with pride. Because if you love it, its fabulous.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

Ps: These pumps? They’re pretty fabulous.


I have a Phoner.

Hello my faithful patrons. I was not making a direct Glee reference in my title. That’s simply another form of the word. I was not talking about an interview over the phone. (I do love me some Sue Sylvester though.) What I was talking about is my excitement about a recent responsibility I have bestowed upon myself as a result of my new employment. You have to understand, while I am a very flamboyant queen who loves fashion & everything gay, I am also a huge tech geek, & car lover. (I know right? What gays are into motherfucking automobiles? I’m complex a complex bitch, ok? Deal.) SO, back to my point, because of the new job I have I decided that I am going to pay for my own phone plan. Which means I get a new phone!! I love technology, but above all I love cell phones. I have a crackberry right now, & it is always on my person. It is attached to me at all functions. So needless to say, when I realized I was going to get myself a new phone I was ecstatic. I researched a lot of plans & phones, despite my love for my blackberry I looked past it & settled on a phone. The IPHONE!! Which is typical for someone as pop culture obsessed as myself, but I am not doing it only because of the popularity of the phone. It does the most, & I can use it for more things. 🙂

So that’s that!

This has been a rough week for hollywood. Rough shit out for Mel Gibson (allegations that he was threatening to hit the baby during an argument surfaced), that Fishburne pornstar slut got arrested for assaulting another slutty mcslutface, & Fantasia is all sorts of fucked up. Opinions on all in detail tomorrow.

Also, can you guys believe Peregrine didn’t win Work of Art last night?!

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

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