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Nicholas K F/W 2011

One of my favorite designers is Nicholas K, and their designs never fail to disappoint me. Seriously, never.


There’s something about the punky feel, muted colors, and copious amounts of fabrics that really get me going.
Will someone please buy me the shrug shown in the middle column worn by the male AND female models?! I’ve got a thing for androgynous clothing.


I’m dying for the jackets in the top row, and the skirt in the bottom row.
Weather forcast for this collection: Bad ass with a chance of nipple.


Alert, Alert: I NEED the pants shown in the top middle shot, AND the jacket.
And every look in the second row. ESPECIALLY the quarter zip hooded coat.


Any woman brave enough to wear fur, platform military boots, and a fur shroud is welcome to be my Non-Romantic Life Partner.


I am having a aesthetic attack over that leather jacket.
An Aesthetic Attack is similar to an Asthma Attack.
Except induced by fabulosity.


Most fashionable dog  ever.
I love how this duo showcases so many of their pieces on male, and female models.



Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Court Chronicles: LiLo

This idiot jeweler keeps changing their story.

And it’s helping Lindsay’s case. First, she said that Lindsay came in the store three times before in the same day, looking at the necklace she allegedly stole. Then she changed her story and said Lindsay was originally looking at a pair of ear rings.

First inconsistency.

She also said that the security tape showed Lindsay reaching around her neck and putting the necklace in her Chanel bag, when in fact it just showed her walking out of the store with a male friend with the necklace around her neck.

Second inconsistency.

Finally, the jeweler brought the fact that an incident like this has happened before with Lindsay, and it may actually help her case. According to the jeweler, Lindsay was trying on a pair of ear rings the week prior to the alleged theft, and walked out with one of the ear rings still in her ear with out realizing it. She also left her own MORE EXPENSIVE ear rings on the counter. The clerk brought it to her attention and Lindsay laughed, apologized and put her ear rings back in.

“Aw shucks, I’m so forgetful..”

Friends close to Lindsay say she is very scatterbrained and does things like this all the time. The goal is just to create reasonable doubt for the jury, and I think they’ve got plenty to do so.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Rachel Zoe; Werking Mom

(Rachel speak for: Out of Control)

Credit: The Vogue Diaries

Good thing she already has her own show. Any expectant mother who goes shopping in a Burberry Prorsom jacket, thigh high platform tranny boots, and a Givenchy bag deserves one.

May I also say, she looks MUCH healthier with the baby weight! Those premature age-lines have gone away! Congrats Rach!


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Come to Church.

I’m don’t consider myself a very religious person, I am a spiritual person.

I am however, asking you to come to the church of Christianity.

By way of Christian Louboutin that is.

These are my favorite shoes from the Fall/Winter 2010 season, and a couple from the Spring/Summer 2011.

Wear a bib to protect your designer duds from drool.


I don’t really like this pair of shoes, but they really look like a vagina.
I couldn’t resist emphasizing.
Christian Louboutin Fastissima 120 Booties

Images courtesy of ChristianLouboutinshoesexy.com

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City Bound!

Hello all!

The next few days the posts are going to be slightly different than usual! I am going on a short little vacation to NYC with my gurl Lauren Barlow (@laurieloulou22) because she has an audition at NYU for the drama program (break your legs Lauren!) and was kind enough to invite me along for the ride. So, seeing as I am planning to move out there in August I will be writing about the people and places I encounter, and what I do! Especially the shopping on 5th Ave. and my FIRST EVER BROADWAY SHOW; Next to Normal! So stay tuned, I hope to be somewhat of a Sartorialist for the weekend and take pictures of the New Yorkers that strike me the most on my little baby digital camera.  

Look out Carrie Bradshaw, there’s a new fabulous narrator/writer in town!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,