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I want SUMMER.

I was having heavy summer cravings all day today. So how do I resolve these issues? I blog about the summer past.


Starting things off right, classy. Ya know?

There, that’s better. This was taken at one of Heidi and I’s favorite restaurants in Cincinnati, Melt.

Impromptu photo shoot in my back yard. Cincinnati, what else do we do with our time?

The same impromptu photo shoot, but the tables have turned. Heidi is as good in front of the camera as she is behind it.

That sounds a little dirty doesn’t it?

One thing I will miss about suburbia, driving around with music blaring with a photographer riding shotgun.

This photo, and the rest are from a trip to Chicago I took for a week with my best Gay/Gal pals Stephen/Heidi.
I thought this pic was a pretty grandiose transition.

This was a pretty sweet backdrop right? It was so fucking hot that day though..

Stephen and I strolling down the street. Those pesky paparazzi didn’t even phase us.

Didya ever see any two people so happy on a subway train that didn’t just have sex?

To round this off, a picture to make your heart BURST from cuteness. We were walking past the pound and a lady was taking kittens in!

As always, these pics were all taken by Heidi Palmer, or at least with her camera.


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