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The Porn Bowl

Yesterday Charlie Sheen watched the Super Bowl from his beautiful, and supremely classy “Porn Theater” in his LA Mansion…


Okay Charlie, the jig’s up. Whats REALLY in that gatorade bottle?

According to TMZ Charlie is taking his rehab very seriously.

Well, shit. That’s no fun. Congrats?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Wait, that happened?

Christina Aguilera just majorly effed up the National Anthem.

In case you missed it:


This is worse than the first time I saw RuPaul not in drag, or when I found out Santa was a poser.

Christina destroyed her voice?

AND she has the cheapest extensions I have ever seen in my life. Gross.


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Super Bowl Attire.

This is my attempt at wearing Green Bay Packers colors for the Super Bowl.

I’m from Cincinnati, hating the Steelers (and their gross uniforms) is in my blood.


Its a very loosely interpreted attempt.

Boots: Steve Madden
Sweater: Polo (Its supposed to be Packers yellow. But its camel.)
Shirt: Paper Denim & Cloth (Its Green Bay green, but plaid.)
Jeans: GAP 1969

Looks better than their actual uniforms.. they should consider a change.


Go Packers!

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CelebrityBowl XLV

Images from “Getty Images”

Celebs have descended on Texas for tomorrow’s big game.

Ashley Greene better watch her man Joe Jonas because Hayden Panettiere  is all over him.

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1) Miles Austin doesn’t seem to be missing Kim Kardashian too much..

2) Adam Levine, if you’re more tan than The Situation, stop.

3) I didn’t know Aubrey O’Day was still real. #DanityKaneForever

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