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Court Chronicles: LiLo

The Grand Theft case against Lindsay Lohan is beginning to fall apart at the seams.

The necklace that Lohan allegedly swiped, when appraised at fairmarket value is only worth 800-1000 dollars, as opposed to the $2,500 Kamofie & Company was asking for it.

If the necklace is officially appraised at less than $950, California Law dictates that the charge must be reduced to petty theft.

“Caught ya, suckas.”

The sentence for which would be 6 months in jail, significantly different than a year in prison. Lindsay’s lawyer said the prosecutor was trying for a higher value of the necklace to make a point against Lindsay.





Court Chronicles: LiLo


Apparently no one likes Lindsay Lohan. (Except me.)

Today in court, directly after Lindsay entered her plea of not guilty, the judge came down on her like a hammer.

Saying things would be different this time because she was being tried for a felony. “If you violate the law, I will remand you, and there will be NO BAIL.” He warned that she is no different than anyone else and shouldn’t push her luck.

I don’t think she will.

Today, Lindsay even got in trouble for sending the Jeweler flowers “to be nice.” The jeweler got upset and “freaked out.”

I am so effing tired of this jeweler trying to get famous from hurting someone else.

A letter to the jeweler: NO ONE knows your name, NO ONE CARES who you are, and NO ONE is going to come shop at your Venice beach upscale crafting store. The necklace you LOANED HER was ugly as shit anyways.

Also, she is getting criticized for her outfit she wore today. Can she do anything right?

She wore her white Kimberly Ovitz dress to symbolize her innocence. I love the look! It is conservative and SO classy!

Also, she has the best sunglasses out of any starlet across the world. I love every pair I see her in.

Cute right?

How fab are those sunglasses?


Lindsay made bail immediately. Then she booked it the hell out of the courthouse in her Escalade.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Court Chronicles: LiLo

Today is the day.

The Felony Grand Theft charges against Lindsay have been filed, and she is set to appear in court at 1:30 PT today. So around four thirty for all of us here on the east coast, the hearing will be live streamed on TMZ. I will be tuning in until I have to go to work.

Hold it together Lindsay, this case isn’t exactly iron clad.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Some Luck for La Lohan!

Some caveats in the Grand Theft Jewelry case against Lindsay have popped up.

The owner of Kamofie & Company says Linz walked out with the necklace on January 22nd. She tried contacting Lindsay Lohan’s people to return the $2,500 necklace on that same day but couldn’t get in touch with anyone. (Probably because they were all at the event Lindsay alleged the necklace was loaned to her for in the first place.) But she didn’t call the LAPD until the 23rd.

Second issue: The owner could have simply walked down the street and knocked on Lindsay’s door at any point..

Yesterday I said the DA will have to prove that Lindsay had clear intent to steal said necklace from Kamofie & Company.

1) Lindsay claims the necklace was loaned to her for an event, and not returned on time.

2) Jewelers are constantly throwing themselves at Lindsay to wear their stuff. (Not to mention, in January a friend of Lindsay’s gave her a necklace valued at ten times the amount of the alleged stolen necklace..)

Once again, Lindsay and I are on the same page.
“Dude, you can’t be serious.”

I’ve got your back girl.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Is LiLo a jewelry thief?

I hope not! She was finally being good! (But at the same time, I haven’t written about her in a few weeks.. so.)

LAPD contacted Lindsay’s Probation Office to tell them that she was being investigated by Grand Theft Jewelry…

Yeah Linz, we were thinking the same thing. WTF?


I can’t help but wonder, what would Lindsay Lohan need to steal a necklace for? Her new BFF, Pascal Mouawad, who she’s doing a jewelry line with just gave her a 25,000 dollar necklace as a gift! Something doesn’t add up.


Linz is saying her stylist got the necklace for her on a loan for an event, and simply didn’t return it on time.

Makes sense.

I smell a jeweler looking to pimp their store to the press.

But then again…

Look at that mischievous smirk. #GlitterGangsta


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,