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Bourne to be hot.

The next installment of the Bourne Franchise The Bourne Legacy, has begun casting, and the short list for the hero of the movie has been released.

The director said the Hero won’t be Jason Bourne, it will be a completely different character with a different story. So Matt Damon won’t be involved at all.

Here are the hunkalicious actors in the running:

Kellan Lutz: He is gorgeous, but as proven by The Twilight Saga his acting chops would leave us wanting more.

Jake Gyllenhaal: YES.

Tobey Maguire: NO.

Taylor Kitsch: Who? But he’s hot. Oh he was on Friday Night Lights, explains why I don’t know who he is.

Garrett Hedlund: I haven’t seen him in anything I didn’t like. Tron, and Country Strong were both good roles for him.

Other actors rumored to be in the running are Alex Pettyfer, Josh Hartnett and Michael Fassbender.

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