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The Gayest Two Days Ever.

Seriously though. The past two days have been so gay I hardly know what to do with myself short of carrying around a glitter cannon  to shoot at the muggles hetero’s of the world.

Yesterday was #BornThisDay because it was was Mother Monster’s birthday. Although the birthday celebration didn’t effect my life directly, Lady GaGa tweeted about having chicken and waffles in bed. And anyone who has chicken and waffles in bed is officially a black woman, and therefore DOES personally effect my life. Why? I don’t know. But I promise I’m not being racist.

Lady Gaga tweeted this pitcha via twitter. Redundant? Probably. Necessary? Definitely. She was at her birthday dinner.

I wish that table was my face.

Sometimes I hope I am never famous because then I’ll feel obligated to always eat in restaurants that are poorly lit. Does being famous mean you’re also a vampire? I don’t understand the correlation.

I still want to be famous. So bring on the blood and money. But not any blood money please. That’s a very important “and.”

Today is the day it’s Britney bitch Spears released her new album, Femme Fatale.

A little transexual. But I dig it.

In unrelated news, today Kevin Federline also dropped something. His girlfriend Victoria Prince (I don’t have a clue either) is pregnant. Someone tricked him into thinking that this news would detract from her album release.

BB, you’re always going to be her background dancer. It doesn’t matter if you’re literally on stage, or on the stage of LIFE. So please, stop reproducing.

Also, here is my proverbial glitter cannon. I’m about to fire it right in your face. Shield your muggles.

So you need to deal with this (again).



He’s SO NOT straight.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Gleek of the Week.

I’m not talking about the fans of Glee, I’m talking about the cast members!

A reader who shall remain nameless, (@ryan_mcgoron) suggested that I give a short bio of a different cast member every week. Ya dig?

This years Gleek of the Week is…..

Drum roll please….






Its Dianna Agron!
Ay Kay Ay Quinn Fabray.


Everyone knows that Quinn is plotting her way back to the top on Glee, but what is Dianna doing off the set?


She has had small roles in several movies, like Burlesque. And she just had a starring role in the movie “I Am Number Four.”

She dated her co-star Alex Pettyfer, and they moved in together.

Then they broke up because according to the unreliable People Magazine, he is a jealous psycho.

Dianna has an upcoming horror movie called “The Hunters” that will be released in November of this year.


You should also check out Dianna’s Tumblr, Fell Down the Rabbit Hole.

Then, follow her on Twitter.


Now don’t you feel like you know her better?

You shouldn’t. Cause that would be weird. You’ve probably never met the girl.


But it was fun anyways right?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Vatican Assassin Warlock

So everyone has heard/seen the Charlie Sheen interviews from this past week right? He is stark raving mad! But the way he describes himself as having tiger blood and an adonis body? Comedic gold. Oh, and don’t forget he called himself a Vatican Assassin Warlock when asked about how he will proceed with suing Two and a Half Men.


By calling himself a warlock, Charlie pissed off a coven of warlocks in Salem, Mass. Yeah, seriously.


But if you haven’t followed him on twitter yet, I suggest you do so. His official reasoning for joining twitter is because he is unemployed. Celebrity sponsored tweets go for about 10k. (Something he should get used to..)

Follow Charlie Sheen, here.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



Sam Tsui, get familiar.

Sam Tsui- Hold It Against Me (Britney Spears Cover)

Are you dying yet? Because I am dead.

That is Sam Tsui, part of the KurtHugoSchneider youtube phenomenon. I’m sure we’ll be seeing big things from him.

(Follow Sam on twitter, here)

Here is another video from KurtHugoSchneider productions, with Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui singing “Just a Dream by Nelly.

I would like to declare, I have divorced Taylor Lautner and am now marrying Samuel Tsui.

I’m accepting wedding presents. Please hold for the registry.



Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Virtual Visionary.

If you’re reading this post, then you have surely realized that The Fagazine has experience a bit of an overhaul in the last twelve hours. It’s all because of my friend Ryan Seminara. (Link to his twitter.) He was working til the wee hours of the morning on this new theme, and I dig it. He still has some tweaking to do, so for the next  few days you’ll be seeing some minor changes but the major alterations have already occurred.

Ryan is also working on his own virtual gallery of pieces he has designed so check back here frequently to keep up with all his shizz. We’ll be seeing big things from him in the future, I’m rather certain. Maybe if you’re really nice he will show you the Lady Gaga head dresses he has replicated. They’re stellar.

Back to business:

Tonight are the SAG Awards, and I will be live tweeting the entire red carpet, and most of the ceremony. Tomorrow will be my rundown. So hold tight, glamour gluttons. I’ll ease your appetite tomorrow.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine