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Court Chronicles: LiLo

Today is the day.

The Felony Grand Theft charges against Lindsay have been filed, and she is set to appear in court at 1:30 PT today. So around four thirty for all of us here on the east coast, the hearing will be live streamed on TMZ. I will be tuning in until I have to go to work.

Hold it together Lindsay, this case isn’t exactly iron clad.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Court Chronicles: LiLo

Lindsay will be facing Felony Grand Theft charged tomorrow in court.

Damn damn damn.

When Lindsay was asked what her plea will be, she said “Not guilty because I’m NOT!”

We know hun, we know.

But there is SOME good news in this situation. No perp walk for Lindsay!

“Easy street, suckas.”


Lindsay will be surrendering herself when she is arraigned in court tomorrow.

Then she will go to the basement of the courthouse where her mugshot will be taken, and she will be released when bail is posted.

This all will begin around 1:30 PT. And TMZ will be live streaming the entire thing on their website. Would you expect anything less?

Good luck Lindsay, we’re in your corner!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Court Chronicles: LiLo

Here we go, Lindsay Court Chronicles are in full swing.

Today Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley pitched her case showing why Lindsay shouldn’t be prosecuted in the Grand Theft Jewelry case.

Right, like thats gonna work. The LA District Attorney’s office miss an opportunity to skewer a celebrity as an example? I think not.

No word has been released on what happened in the meeting.

“Seriously dude? Why would I steal that necklace? My weave cost more…”


Lindsay will no doubt have to appear in court for this case, and I am upset about it. She needs to get back to being a professional Paparazzi target!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Some Luck for La Lohan!

SomeĀ caveatsĀ in the Grand Theft Jewelry case against Lindsay have popped up.

The owner of Kamofie & Company says Linz walked out with the necklace on January 22nd. She tried contacting Lindsay Lohan’s people to return the $2,500 necklace on that same day but couldn’t get in touch with anyone. (Probably because they were all at the event Lindsay alleged the necklace was loaned to her for in the first place.) But she didn’t call the LAPD until the 23rd.

Second issue: The owner could have simply walked down the street and knocked on Lindsay’s door at any point..

Yesterday I said the DA will have to prove that Lindsay had clear intent to steal said necklace from Kamofie & Company.

1) Lindsay claims the necklace was loaned to her for an event, and not returned on time.

2) Jewelers are constantly throwing themselves at Lindsay to wear their stuff. (Not to mention, in January a friend of Lindsay’s gave her a necklace valued at ten times the amount of the alleged stolen necklace..)

Once again, Lindsay and I are on the same page.
“Dude, you can’t be serious.”

I’ve got your back girl.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,